Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Releases in June 2021

The most recent SEGA “Prologue” Livestream was dedicated to the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Its debut will be somewhere around June 2021, based on the data provided in the live stream. Furthermore, the developer will create a benchmark tool that will help users determine if they’d be eligible to play PSO2: New Genesis.

The western region will also get the same release date period and as identified by the developer. There shouldn’t be much of a content gap as the western region will catch up soon. Nevertheless, the servers will be on a separate instance, which means there might be a difference in content even if the updates will be deployed simultaneously in all regions.

The PSO2: New Genesis benchmark application will deploy ahead of the launch in May 2021, as spotted by Siliconera. This will allow consumers to see if their Windows version and PC resources will be enough for running the game and allow players to create a character before jumping in the game.

During the live stream, there have been two new heroines revealed, Aina and Mannon, alongside a slew of other characters that will appear throughout the story. On the opposite, there will also be new places of interest, such as Aelio Town, a new starting location.

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