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Pokemon Go Hatching Eggs for Shiny Pokemon is a Fool’s Errand

You all know the drill: to get an Egg you would have to have space in your Egg inventory, and then through PokeStop spins or opening gifts, you can get 2km, 5km, or 10km Eggs. Through hatching, you can even get a Pokemon with better stats than the one you already have in your inventory. Until you hatch it, you cannot know which Pokemon you will get, even though we already have a list of which Pokemon hatch from which Eggs.

Recently, Niantic added the newest 12km Eggs, called Strange Eggs. These Eggs can be received through defeating a Team GO Rocket leader successfully. There is another Egg, a 7km Egg which can be obtained only from gifts sent by your friends. Keep in mind that you only get Eggs if you have a free slot in your Egg inventory. If you happen to have a full Egg inventory, the Egg will be left behind.

If you have an Egg, your next step would be placing it in into an Incubator. There are different types of incubators, the Standard Incubator (hatches at a normal distance) and the Purple Incubator (which hatches 1.5 faster). Then, you will start walking the distance you would need to hatch the Egg. The only downside is that you need to have Pokemon GO opened on your phone, or you could turn on Adventure Sync, which will measure your steps through location tracking. This option does not require having your phone turned on at all times. If you are cycling or riding in a car, the distance traveled is only calculated if you are traveling at ten miles per hour or less.

We know that the longer the distance, the rarer the Pokemon is. If the assigned Pokemon has a Shiny version, there is a big chance that you might get it through hatching. But there are some reports that this is a bribe. Niantic is luring you to spend money to buy those Incubators and hunt your Shiny version with top stats.

Many players said they hatched only three to four Shiny Pokemon in their five years of playing this game. You have a better and bigger chance of getting a Shiny Pokemon through Raids.

Guys, if you’re a shiny hunter of any kind and are easily triggered annoyed when things do not go your way then I urge you to not spend money on incubators. Please. You’re literally gambling your money away. Raid shinies also cost money but the difference between them and eggs is that the encounter rate of at least encountering that specific species is 100%. You may get the shiny and you may not but you for sure will get a real shot at engaging that Pokémon.

Don’t let them get you, guys! Resist buying incubators as a means to shiny hunt. The house always wins!


I didn’t realize people grinded egg hatching for shinies. In my two years of playing I’ve hatched a shiny riolu, shinx, alolan sandshrew, ralts, absol, anorith, igglybuff, feebas, and two shiny togepi. I mostly hatch for the xp, dust and platinum medal. If I get anything good that’s a bonus.


What are your thoughts about this? Do you think that you’re gambling your money away?

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