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Pokemon Go Kecleon Spotted in the Wild, But is Clearly Uncatchable

We love an animal that has abilities that are strange to us, like changing their colors depending on the surroundings. Wait, we have that animal in real-life, a chameleon. We know that there is a Pokemon similar to a chameleon, disguising itself in the wild. Open the game today, you might see it, or you might not if you frightened it while searching for it.

We have a few players sending us pictures of the Pokemon in the wild, in its original state, and we couldn’t believe it too. We rushed to inform our beloved Pokemon GO Community of the sacred thing that happened today, which is the apparent release of the most anticipated Pokemon ever (even more than Arceus, the father of Pokemon all over the world) known as Kecleon.

Finally, we have the best Pokemon ever join us in our journey. What a DAY! On that matter, as you know, April 1st is known as April Fools, so jokes on you.

We might have gotten you excited for a bit, but just like this day, we are playing a huge April Fools joke on you. While most of the Gen III Pokemon are released in the game, there is no sight of Kecleon, otherwise known as the Colour Swap Pokemon.

This Normal-type Pokemon is described as bipedal, reptilian Pokemon with green color, with yellow frills on either side of its head. This cute Pokemon Kecleon usually uses its color-changing ability to camouflage itself, kind of like the chameleons in real-life. While invisible, if it is not noticed for a long time, it can become angry, thus resulting in never revealing itself.

Well, this is a message to Niantic: we want our Pokemon Go community to be satisfied, so please hurry up and give us our reptile before it pouts and disappears into the wild!

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