PS5 Returnal New Trailer Leak

A new trailer for the upcoming video game Returnal leaked online, showcasing hostiles, their in-game names, info about the enemies, and gameplay.

As shown in the 2 minutes video (see below), captured on PS5, there will be different hostiles and their skills in Returnal. You’ll see hostiles such as Mycomorph, Titanops, Automaton, Gorgolith, Ixion, and Infected Scout. Each hostile is unique and has its own skills.

Now, here is every hostile in the video, including their info:


  • A large fungus-like entity that can launch its own spores which slows down the target’s movement.


  • Moves fast by lunging and jumping to get into range, where it can maim its target with its bladed limb


  • In addition to the rapidly firing guns, can use its claws to lash at the target or grab them


  • An ambush predator that lies under the sand. Can use its tail or tongue to lash at its target


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Infected Scout

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We’re not sure if these are the only hostiles, so as soon as we have more info, you’ll be the first to know.

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