Sea of Thieves Season 6 Starts on April 15

Sea of Thieves, the enormously popular action-adventure game developed by Rare, will receive new and exciting content with the release of Season 2 and refresh the content table with multiple novelties. Rare teased the new and upcoming season in a Tweet, which verbalizes the arrival of new cosmetics.

Seas of Thieves’ Season 2 will release on April 15, and judging by the trailer, it will indeed satisfy the urge for cosmetics, new content, improved player progression, and rewards. While Season 1 felt dull and dipped in the game’s popularity, Season 2 might re-embrace the player count.

The official Sea of Thieves’ Season 2 teaser trailer can be found below:

What is Sea of Thieves Season 2 going to offer?

Season 2 should introduce whole new 100 levels of rewards, achievable throughout a course of various activities. Furthermore, it’s expected to add a new Skeleton Fort world event signaled by a Red Ritual Skull cloud in the sky, just as shown on the teaser.

A brand new hide-in-a-barrel emote will help players tuck their characters and improvise some exciting PvP action too. Looking forward to seeing some of the famous streamers dive into creating fresh Sea of Thieves content.

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