Succubus releases on July 21st, gets a new demo on Steam

Madmind Studio has announced its upcoming Agony spin-off, Succubus. The game is slated to release on July 21st. If you follow Steam’s repository, Succubus has received a brand new demo to celebrate the release date announcement.

In Succubus, players jump in the role of Vydija, demonic priestess of lust, a character with a unique set of skills that are best used to avenge its enemies in a brutal FPP slasher. A demon who loves to make love and break hearts and bones. A demon who will gladly take you into her sacrificial chamber.

Use character development and customization, 40 weapons, and 20 special powers to wreak havoc in the campaign of 21 intense and interactive levels and the ranked arenas! Customize Vydija any way you like and enjoy your main hub while taking a break from slaughtering your enemies.

Succubus’ Demo offers a vast location called The Great Kali, 3 weapons, 4 types of special powers (spark, wave push, heal, fireball), and several types of enemies representing different types of artificial intelligence. And it all comes with the Adult Only version – without any censorship!

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