The Emperor’s Own Alpha Teaser available on Steam for free

An alpha teaser from Volga Studios’ The Emperor’s Own is now available on Steam for free. It offers 3 hours of gameplay with narrative-driven adventure and RPG elements. The story takes place in an alternate universe inspired by the Russian Empire in the 19th century.

The Emperor’s Own is a story-driven adventure game with RPG elements. It features deep, multi-dimensional characters, difficult moral dilemmas, and a mature, branching narrative where your decisions truly matter. As a player, you will take the role of a young officer in the Imperial Secret Intelligence whose job is to calm the passions of the ravaged peasants who’re trying to make a civil war.

According to the community manager at Volga Studios, Roman Naberushkin, the developers don’t want to sugarcoat anything in The Emperor’s own.

We don’t want to sugarcoat anything in The Emperor’s Own. There won’t be any fantastical elements in our game; only authentic conflict that showcases the best and worst aspects of humanity. We can’t wait for players to try our alpha teaser and get a taste of the profound moral dilemmas that await them once our title is complete.

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