The FBI is Investigating CS:GO Match Fixing

Esports can be very popular and devastating for some of the players who want to get rich overnight. Valve’s CS:GO is one of the video games known for its competitiveness, especially due to big tournaments with enormous prize pools on the table. The bigger the prize, the more exciting the tournament is, even for those who are not competing but have an opportunity to bet online.

Recently, Australia has found a culprit in the Esports scene, which committed to CS:GO match-fixing and betting.  The investigation took place and relatively scared the involved, while the action traversed to North America, where the FBI had to involve themselves in the investigation.

Fixing matches is nothing else but a petty thing to do—a dishonest way of making money and ruining the Esports scene to an extent. Fixing matches in which the underdog has no odds of winning is a stretch and is likely to be noticed by the Esports Integrity Commission, similar to this case.

In a recent interview with a YouTuber slash32, ESIC’s Ian Smith explains how these organizers are actually looming their strategies and how it’s hard to discover them. You can find the complete interview below:

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