EA is silent on next-gen Battlefield 6 Battle Royale Game Mode

The upcoming next-gen Battlefield game was announced to be revealed in June 2021. Electronic Arts has officially discovered a couple of cool features coming to the game but had never revealed them in their entirety. They’re definitely scheduled for the big game reveal, or the big boom as many would say it. Given that, game modes and other Battlefield related stuff remain unknown. But the main curiosity among the players is whether or not Battlefield would get a respective Battle Royale game mode.

There are multiple answers to that, but given that EA hasn’t revealed anything about them, nor a single hint, we should remain skeptical regarding the BR outcome. EA still hasn’t revealed anything particularly related to Battle Royale, but we believe that given the genre’s success, there would be one, even if it comes at a later date.

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale came a bit later, named Firestorm, but it didn’t seem to excite the fans at all. The hype was there for a couple of days before it perished. Maybe it was the WW2 setting that made the players vague, despite the exciting features included in the game.

In the most recent EA full-year earnings call, Andrew Wilson confirmed the reveal period but hasn’t confirmed the possibility of adding a Battle Royale even when asked. One of the investors asked if EA will do what Activision has done with their Battle Royale, offering free-to-play content for the fans across the globe.

The response from Andrew Wilson stated that they cannot reveal anything in particular and that fans would have to wait until the official reveal. Everything single addition after the reveal is a possibility, as EA most probably won’t be sitting with its hands crossed, watching Activision still dominating the first-person shooter Battle Royale category.

Having Battle Royale game mode throughout this age is somewhat a must, as it has proven to be one of the most exciting genres in the gaming industry.

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