Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.8.0 Introduces Champion Skins

Riot Games has announced that patch 2.8.0 not only focuses on balancing and issues but contains other surprises as well. It appears that Champion Skins are bound to arrive together with Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.8.0 on May 19, satisfying one of the most diligent requests by the players.

According to Riot Games, Champion skins are a new way to personalize your favorite decks. Equipping a champion with skin will alter the art for all copies of each of that champion’s levels, as well as their accompanying flavor text. Some skins can change the appearance of a champion’s summoned units but also grant entirely new level-up animations.

Riot Games has also animated all of the effects on the Store Page, so players know what they’re purchasing before they close up the deal.

Champion Skins

The first batch of Champion Skins can be found below:

  • Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo
  • Cosmic Exile Riven
  • Dark Star Zed
  • Dark Star Shyvana

Furthermore, there will be some additional changes and a new rotation to Multilab, together with a brand new event known as Dark Horizon. The Event Pass will be available in the Store for 975 coins and will grant access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards, with an instant unlock of the Cosmic Genius Von Yipp Guardian variant. More details below:

Multilab Rotation

  • Lab of Legends
  • Duo Queue: Shared Spoils (New in 2.8.0!)
  • Ultra Rapid Draw

Dark Horizon Event

  • Play games to earn Star Fragments and unlock more rewards!
  • Purchase before June 2 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Star Fragments and a Rare Prismatic Chest!
  • Event ends and pass expires June 16 at 10:00 a.m. PT

Horizon’s Edge Bundle is available in the store for 1590 Coins, prorated for any items owned in
the bundle. Bundle includes:

  • Dark Horizon Board
  • Exclusive Dark Emissary’s Realm Board with Mega Guardian

Bug fixes

  • A Mighty Poro created by Braum level 1 should no longer visually overlap with other units in the back row.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.
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