Nine To Five Launched a 3v3v3 Open Beta Phase

Hey, we haven’t heard about Nine to Five in a long long time. Do you remember its first reveal at The Game Awards in 2019? Since then, the game has gone a long way. Being far more advanced, the developer has decided to publish an Open Beta available to everyone. I know I participated in one of the closed alphas when the game was far from polished and had some performance difficulties, but now, it seems like the complete opposite.

Currently, the game is available on Steam, and even though it’s considered as an early test phase, everyone could request and get a free pass and experience what Nine to Five offers. One of the most exciting features is that the game is not an ordinary 2-team shooter, instead, it supports a 3v3v3 PvP action. Imagine 3v3v3 where three different teams try to outsmart each other as they tackle the various objectives.

What is also different is that unlike in other games, the objectives are diversified each round based on the team’s success. To explain it better, the objectives are dependant and conditional based on the outcome in the previous round. If a team wins the objective, the next round they’re put in a tougher spot, so it balances the game better.

Redhill Games is excited to unveil the full capability of Nine to Five, and its flow of entertainment to its fans. Now that we’re back to the game, we’re willing to tinker with it until our last breath, as it reminds us of a slightly more popular shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. While there are a lot of similar features, Nine to Five has its unique style and somewhat a progression system as you grind through matches. For a free-to-play game, it definitely has a lot of surprising features that shouldn’t be ignored.

As we stated before:

Nine to Five is somewhat a mesh of realistic and futuristic shooters. Teams spawn onto a map having a variety of objectives. Each one of them operates with different gadgets spread across agents, and outsmarting the opponent would be the critical element. Nine to Five is a tactical first-person shooter where smart teamwork triumphs over brute force and reflexes. In the game’s near-future world, it’s the corporations that rule, and being a mercenary for them is like a side job.

Nine to Five is a free-to-play 3v3v3 first-person shooter. Being a mercenary is just another day at the office, but this time you will need more than pure reflexes to get the job done. Are you ready to make a killing?

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