Overwatch 2 Developer PvP Livestream

Are you eager to find out more about Overwatch 2? If you are, then you’re in the right spot. Blizzard has decided to host a PvP action on the upcoming Overwatch 2. Developers settle in a fight between each other, showcasing some of the novelties included in the game.

Overwatch 2 news is here! Join us as Matt “Mr. X” Morello and Mitch “Uber” Leslie, host members of the Overwatch 2 dev team (Game Director Aaron Keller, Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman and Associate Art Director Dion Rogers) to show off some of the new PvP gameplay.

There will be a wholesome discussion and possibly some changes regarding the pace of the game, game mode changes, and more. But what exactly would be the distinctive catch between OW1 and OW2, we’ll have to see.

Live Coverage and Opinions

After Geoff Goodman stepped in on the place of Jeff Kaplan, it was somewhat mandatory to keep the players informed on Overwatch 2 and where the game’s heading. But, sadly, the game looks the same, with a couple of character and map tweaks. Like, what’s changed, so far, all of the changes noted are already available in Overwatch, and this feels like a pesky rebrand. We already see the fans being frustrated.

So what’s Overwatch 2 essentially? Blizzard has the courage to reveal their new “masterpiece”, even though it doesn’t seem innovative. Most of the talks were class changes, game mode tweaks, 5v5 fights, which makes me support all of the fans biting the ferociousness right now. It’s sad, and as a fan myself, I’m not too fond of this.

It’s like hearing Valve making a DOTA 3. Legit. I am sorry Blizzard, but this seems like a fail so far. I doubt Overwatch 2 will succeed any hype, but let’s see if Blizzard can make miracles, I guess.

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