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Pokemon Go The Secret Behind Egg Hatching Rarity Tier System Revealed, Fraud or Not?

Ever since the update in April, many have been wondering what does rarity in hatching an Egg means? Well, The Silph Road tries to explain in their latest study named “A Window into Egg Transparency.”

There were many participants in this study whose job was to keep track of their egg hatches which would later contribute to the end cause of the study. As of the latest update, we have been able to see which Pokemon is likely to hatch from the chosen Egg from a list that had a rarity level ranging from most common to least common (i.e not rare to rarest). Everything was great, except it was unclear as to what rarity actually meant in the chance of hatching a Pokemon that the Trainer wanted.

As the study developed, it came to our knowledge that Rarity Tiers (the hatch list) represent a range of hatch probabilities, and that species within a Rarity Tier can have absolutely different hatch rates, so if you hoped to hatch a Magikarp, you might get a Cubone ( 5km list of Tier 1). And of course, as Pokemon are added to and removed from the pool, the Rarity Tier might change. The higher the Rarity level, the harder it is to hatch that Pokemon that you would love to have.

The Silph Road has done a great job at giving us insight into the egg hatch system that is quite complex to have further analysis on, and now we know that Niantic has given us an idea of which Pokemon might hatch, rather than concrete numbers on the chances we have of hatching the rarest Pokemon in the rarity list.

Now, players are not happy with the Egg Tiers and many say it’s a “blatant lie.” Here are some of the comments:

“So it seems to me the tiers are almost completely meaningless and are a blatant lie. If this was Niantic’s attempt to get closer to abiding by EU loot box regulations, they have failed. This is almost fraud.”

“I knew something was odd when I hatched a ton of Qwilfish and no Sandile even though they were in the same tier.”

Yea seriously this is beyond frustrating and disgusting that Niantic says they are being transparent yet really haven’t done anything if each pokemon has a different rarity and the tiers don’t mean much. Governments need to step up and put a stop to this crap.”

What are your thoughts about this? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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