Returnal has DEV cheats accessible with keyboard

Housemarque’s Returnal has apparently included cheats, but they’re accessible only with keyboard input, which means you’ll need to plug one in your PS5 in order to get some. A YouTuber has discovered that you can borrow some extraordinary power for a limited time after using cheats.

No one knows if this behavior is accidental and the developer shipped the game in this state, or they have made them available on purpose so that players can get some elevation in certain scenarios. Even if they were released on purpose, the cheats were supposed to be known only to the developer and not the players.

Unlike other games, these are not related to god mode or complete invincibility. Instead, they spawn items on the ground that can be used, such as weapons, perks, attributes. Some of the codes available can be found below:

  • Hold Shift, Control, Alt, and press any numbers from 1 to 0 to drop weapons at your current proficiency level.
  • Hold Shift, Control, 8 to return to your most recent point in the cycle.
  • Hold Shift, Control, 4 to return to the crash site at the start of the game. This won’t delete your perks and weapons picked up during the “cheating gauntlet.”

The codes are accessible in offline mode.

Below you can find the DEV Cheats Video on PS5, discovered by TheRandomizer.

Over on Reddit, players have already started to make combinations of the best possible choices so that players could grind through much easier. If you’re interested and want more details on that, make sure you check the full list of cheats and tactics over on Reddit.

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