All Battlefield 2042 Maps Included At Launch

Well, if you missed something from today’s reveal, then worry not. The reveal trailer included all of the locations where Battlefield players will brawl, and each one of the places revealed today has a name. Yes, it was a thorough reveal, with all 7 different terrains promised to arrive at launch. Who knows, they might also be available in the Open Beta, which should arrive shortly before its official release.

Battlefield 2042 releases on October 22. The release date is super far away, leaving fans with 4 months with empty content. No one has anything to talk about but speculate what the new maps will offer. The gameplay reveal will occur on June 13, so make sure not to miss that one. But back to our main topic, one thing’s sure: the battlegrounds created for Battlefield 2042 will be unique, very distinct from each other, and bigger than any other previous game in the franchise.

Without further ado, below, you can find all of the maps arriving with the game’s launch.

Battlefield 2042 All 7 Maps Revealed


Kourou, French Guiana

It’s a race against time and hostile conditions as you fight around the site of an imminent rocket launch. Watch out for both enemy fire and upcoming storms on this dynamic map.


Doha, Qatar

Fight in a city lost to the desertification around it. Massive dust and sand storms are constantly rolling in, blotting out the natural light, as you battle for control of a convoy trapped in the shifting sands.


Songdo, South Korea

In a state-of-the art metropolis in South Korea, zipline between skyscrapers and fight among the plazas surrounding the city’s iconic data center.


Brani Island, Singapore

Watch out for tropical tornadoes and navigate through maze-like cargo containers in this key trade location, vital to American supply lines.


Alang, India

Along a strategic section of India’s west coast, colossal ships stranded on the beach are stripped for parts. Fight among the hulls of these behemoths while adapting to deadly storms.


Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Tread carefully on this dynamic map, where oil extraction has turned the freezing area to a strategic hot spot. Take advantage of destructible fuel tanks and silos that create debris fields and permanent fires when destroyed.


Eastern Desert, Egypt

A giant wall, built to secure rich, man-made agricultural areas, takes center stage on this intense map. Prepare for the extreme conditions, deploy, and secure the access points and massive gates in the wall.

Those are all of the maps presented to us so far, and we’re looking forward to more excitement on June 13th. The gameplay reveal would probably be more surprising than the reveal trailer.

EA DICE has done a great job so far, let’s see if they keep the same pace once the game releases. With large-scale battles of up to 128 players, Battlefield may be on the verge of seriously competing against the notorious Call of Duty. One note though, PS4 and Xbox One players could only sustain up to 64 players, while PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 support up to 128 players.

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