Battlefield 2042 will not include a Battle Royale mode

Battlefield 2042 was revealed yesterday with a reveal trailer that left thousands of questions unanswered. One of them is whether or not the game would include a Battle Royale mode. Sadly, the developer hasn’t answered anything regarding the potential of a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield 2042, but it would be too cruel to decline it from the get-go.

If you are among the ones craving for a Battle Royale mode at launch in the new Battlefield 2042, we’re sad to disappoint you. EA’s upcoming flagship first-person shooter game won’t include any Battle Royale, at least not at launch. Despite its setting in the futuristic 2042, it seems that this time, the developers’ main focus is on the core multiplayer gameplay itself.

But we cannot disassemble the beliefs and hopes for a Battle Royale mode coming to Battlefield 2042. If you remember closely, Firestorm, Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode has arrived at a later stage. Firestorm was not as successful as other Battle Royale games out there, mainly due to the lack of support. Otherwise, the pace of the game was quite exhilarating. But, sadly, according to the design director, Daniel Berlin, there are no plans for a Battle Royale mode.

Daniel Berlin has told Eurogamer the following:

Battle royale is definitely something that is exceptionally popular right now. We don’t have any battle royale plan at this point, but we do have other experiences within the game that we can’t talk about which we are super excited for.

Hence, if a Battle Royale mode is out of the plans, something else might come to the game as a core feature that will replace the gaming hunger and thrust for entertainment. But, if the game struggles on its way to success, it’s more than likely to see EA Dice adopting the same path as BFV, releasing a BR mode for the next-gen Battlefield 2042.

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