Battlestate Games Confirms a Tarkov Wipe, Exact Date Unknown

The developer behind Escape From Tarkov has finally confirmed that patch 0.12.11 will be the one that will wipe all the account data, which means players will have the opportunity to start anew. Even if the patch is known, the exact date of when the patch would arrive remains unknown. Thursdays are known as the favorite day, but it wouldn’t be weird if it arrives earlier. Nevertheless, it is expected to add a couple of new things, build hype, and spike a new interest.

The announcement for the Escape From Tarkov wipe has arrived from Battlestate Games’ official Twitter Profile.

Patch 0.12.11 News

In short, let’s talk more about the 0.12.11 patch and see what it should introduce us to.

Factory Expansion

The Factory Expansion is supposed to expand the map size and add a Scav Boss, also known as Tagilla, or the Chief of Factory. The chief of factory will operate with a sledgehammer which grants him an extreme, heavy, and devastating melee attack. Recently, Tagilla was supplied by Sanitar (Shoreline’s Scav Boss) with a re-invented stimulant known as Cocktail Obdolbos, as noted in Sanitar’s open letter to Tagilla. The injection provides a boost of +51 to all the player perks viable for in-game performance.

New Weapons

As confirmed during the live broadcasts by Battlestate Games, the addition of new weapons such as the SCAR and others is also planned. The SCAR will arrive with the two versions of the SCAR-H and SCAR-L, meaning that both the 5.56 and 7.62 calibers will be involved.

Maybe Lighthouse

Lighthouse is the other map that has a firm chance to be released during this update. The map was mentioned numerous times, and considering its smaller size than Streets of Tarkov, we would guess it doesn’t need the same effort for its optimization. Hence, Battlestate Games might go 2 for 1 with this wipe.

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