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DayZ’s Patch 1.13 Will Wipe Both Character and Server Persistence

Bohemia Interactive is continuously working on its survival video game title, DayZ, as it has proven with the solid number of updates deployed in the past year. From experimental to live version, it seems that Bohemia Interactive is flawless, and everything they deployed it’s on the right spot. Recently, Bohemia Interactive announced that the release of patch 1.13 would wipe both character and server persistence, meaning everything you have stored will be gone.

The wipe is expected to happen somewhere around mid-July 2021. Currently, the game has received the experimental 1.13, and everyone had the opportunity to test it out on the experimental servers. As a pre-wipe event, the developers will increase the Heli Crash events starting on July 2nd until the full wipe takes place. The wipe will obscure only Official DayZ servers.

“As mentioned in a previous article at the start of the year, Update 1.13 will come with fresh Loot spawns on Official. That means we’ll be conducting complete wipes (all characters, items, vehicles, bases, etc.) on our official servers on release day. We don’t have an exact date set in stone yet, but we’re hoping the update and wipe will occur around the middle of July. Like the previous wipe, we’ll be increasing the occurrence of helicopter crash-site events with high-tier loot on all official servers in the days leading up to the wipe. This will start from July 2nd and run up until the update releases.

To clarify, this wipe is only happening on Official servers, Community server owners can decide to wipe at their own discretion.”

The developer also noted that this wipe is a must, and they don’t necessarily mean they will wipe after each patch in the future, but has also reminded that a fresh start is always appreciated.

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