Escape From Tarkov’s Gluhar and His Boys are on Labs

Escape From Tarkov’s second day from the feasible pre-wipe event is connected with Reserve’s Scav Boss named Gluhar. For some reason, Gluhar and his militant group have surrounded Labs, a laboratory belonging to TerraGroup corp. The laboratory is known for producing stimulants, also known as combat enhancement injections in Escape From Tarkov, used by PMC’s in various situations.

Gluhar is one terrifying boss in Escape From Tarkov because of his companions. The total number of AI is 7, considering his 6 devastating guards with no mercy. The news comes from Tarkov’s official newspaper, which discovers the movement of Gluhar’s group. Their invasion of TerraGroup’s laboratory is with a purpose, to loot what’s needed for their arsenal.

Gluhar’s group has bust the doors open, which means every PMC can join the map without a keycard. Below you can find the official Tarkov Newspaper.

To make sure, we have joined Labs and saw Gluhar and his friends on multiple spawns. We have seen them in the basement, by sector R elevator, and in the middle of labs, scattered around the manager’s office and its entire level.

We doubted if Reserve would remain the same, so we joined a match to see if it’s the same as yesterday. We can confirm that all of the Scav Bosses are still on Reserve, including Gluhar, even though he roamed to Labs.

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