Escape From Tarkov’s Latest Event Encourages Scavs and PMCs to Team Up

Escape From Tarkov is still on a streak with live events. Each day, the developer Battlestate Games tends to shuffle a game-changer that will entertain the players. The purpose behind this is unknown, but it could be tied to an upcoming wipe. Nevertheless, BSG hasn’t stated anything regarding that. Well, today’s event is a peculiar one, easy to achieve, but it might be a real pain in trusting each other.

Fence, Escape From Tarkov’s neutral trader has an offer for you. Apparently, he wants you to extract with player Scavs at certain Exfil locations. Fence states that he will pay big for extracting together with Scavs, and Reserve is already the best map for it. Players are chilling at the Scav Lands extraction, waiting for someone to team up and extract together. Just a reminder, for this extraction to work, there has to be one Scav and one PMC.

The exact location of the gathering can be found in the image below or at the featured image at the top. All you need to do is go there as a PMC and wait for a couple of minutes for Scav players to spawn. They know their job. Honestly, they’re faster than the blow of a whistle. Also, make sure to mumble spam Cease Fire.

Apparently, today’s event is OP. That is 100,000 USD, and the whole community is teaming up at the SCAV LANDS on Reserve. Scavs and PMCs are all going there just to milk as much as they can in case there’s no wipe. If you want to make a fast 100,000 USD, then go ahead and run straight to the extraction.

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