Fortnite Week 1 Alien Artifacts Locations – Chapter 2 Season 7

Well, Fortnite island has been invaded by aliens. During their invasion, there have been numerous alien artifacts that have dropped onto the island. The artifacts can be interacted with, and players should be on the lookout. Not only that, there’s a lockout behind the artifacts. Gathering all of them would unlock additional styles for Kymera.

Kymera is a shapeshifter, and players can transform him into different looks. But again, it all depends on the alien artifacts. What are the alien artifacts exactly? They are in-game glyphs scattered across the Fortnite island that serves as a currency for unlocking Kymera styles. The alien artifacts are also randomized and appear at different spots each week. This means that multiple Kymera styles are not accessible for unlocking in a single week.

Data miners have worked their way through the new Fortnite files and discovered the Alien Artifact Locations. A known Fortnite data miner, Hypex, has already posted the Alien Artifact Locations scattered around the Fortnite island. You can find all of them below.

According to the map posted by him:

  • There is Alien Artifact just south of Craggy Cliffs.
  • Another Alien Artifact is found in the Northwest area of Catty Corner.
  • Believer Beach is also a holder of such anomaly, and the Alien Artifact is near the beach on the northeast.
  • Another Alien Artifact can be acquired by going in the new crater of the Aftermath.
  • The last one can be found between Holly Hedges, Slurpy Swamp, and Weeping Woods.

Acquiring all of them would grant you 20 Alien Artifacts that can be spent on unlocking special looks for Kymera.

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