New Studio Deviation Games Working on a new IP in Partnership with Sony

Deviation Games is a brand new video game developing studio in partnership with sony. The developers at Deviation Games is working on a brand new IP. For future contingency events, Deviation Games has decided to go head to head and partner with PlayStation.

Deviation Games consists of former Call of Duty veterans, developers who’ve been tirelessly working throughout their careers. Like-minded developers that focus on building a strong community and friendship. The development of the game is already underway, and it’s early to go into specific details.

Nevertheless, the promise mumbles something about an innovation never experienced before. The studio’s ambitions are very high, and the aim is to create a content-rich game with a lot of action and energy. The partnership with PlayStation is there to ensure a stable and resonant product. If you want to find more about Deviation Games, check below:

We call ourselves Deviators. And as Jason describes it, “Another way of saying Deviator is Renaissance mindset. Deviators are not only passionate about their own discipline, but they love others too. We believe that is what is unique and special about our studio, the culture, the team, and this project.  From experience, young determined studios need rock solid support to thrive. That’s why it means so much that PlayStation is partnering with us on our first game. As you all know–having enjoyed the amazing PlayStation Studios portfolio–they know what it takes to make great games. To have a partner like that behind us makes the road ahead simply breathtaking.”

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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