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Pokemon Go Just a Nibble Special Research Quest Tasks and Rewards

Trainers, Pokemon Go’s Gible Community Day event has started and a new Just a Nibble Special Research is now live. The Gible Special Research is a ticketed event and only ticket holders can participate and complete the quest tasks and earn the cool rewards.

The long-awaited Gible Community Day runs on June 6, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time and ticket holders have a chance to complete the four-stage Just a Nibble Special Research and earn cool bonuses.

That being said, let’s take a look at the complete list of tasks and rewards for Gible’s Special Research.

Just a Nibble Research Stages Tasks Rewards

Just a Nibble Stage 1 Tasks and Rewards

  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: x15 PokeBall
  • Catch 15 Gible: Gible
  • Make 5 Nice Throws: x20 Gible Candy
  • Rewards: x2,000 Stardust, Gible and x1 Incense

Just a Nibble Stage 2 Tasks and Rewards

  • Catch 15 Gible: x50 Gible Candy
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: Gabite
  • Evolve 3 Gible: x10 Pinap Berry
  • Rewards: 1,500 XP, Gible and x1 Incense

Just a Nibble Stage 3 Tasks and Rewards

  • Make 3 Great Curveball Throws: x50 Gible Candy
  • Evolve 1 Gabite: x1 Lucky Egg
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: x10 Great Ball
  • Rewards: 2,500 XP, x1 Rocket Radar and x15 Ultra Ball

Just a Nibble Stage 4 Tasks and Rewards

  • Claim: x2 Silver Pinap Berry
  • Claim: Gible
  • Claim: 3,500 XP
  • Rewards: x3,000 Stardust, Garchomp and x2 Rare Candy

Check out the quest storyline below.

Just a Nibble Quest Story

“%PLAYERNAME%! Excellent timing.

I just made a tremendously exciting discovery!

Earlier today, I was exploring a nearby cave to collect some samples when I noticed a peculiar warmth along one of the walls.

Suddenly, something jumped out and tried to bite me!

I quickly realized I had stumbled upon a nest of Gible, the Land Shark Pokémon. Gible is known to react to anything that moves, so sometimes it leaps out and chomps passersby.

I know it just wanted a nibble, but that’s a nibble too much in my book!

Anyway, it’s not every day you run into a gaggle of Gible. Do you think you could head out and do some research on their appearance here?

Welcome back, Trainer.

While you were out tracking down the Land Shark Pokémon, I took a closer look at the cave I was telling you about earlier.

I was reminded of an interesting tidbit about Gible. It nests inside small, horizontal holes in cave walls warmed by geothermal heat.

Gible seems to love warm places, and that cave certainly fits the bill.

We’ve learned a lot about this Dragon- and Ground-type, but there is always more to discover!

When you’re ready, how about you try evolving your Gible into Gabite?

Nice job evolving your Gible into Gabite, %PLAYERNAME%!

Gabite is known as the Cave Pokémon, and it loves sparkly things.

It emits ultrasonic waves from protrusions on either side of its head to probe pitch-dark caves.

What a useful ability! Maybe it could help me avoid bumping into lab equipment in the middle of the night…

We’ve seen Gible and Gabite, but there’s still one more Evolution we need to document. Come see me when you’ve evolved your Gabite, Trainer!

Ah! Fantastic work, %PLAYERNAME%. That’s an admirable Garchomp!

Known as the Mach Pokémon, its body is covered in fine scales that reduce drag, enabling it to fly at high speeds.

Those scales don’t just reduce wind resistance—their sharp edges also cause injury to any opponent that touches them. Pretty spiffy, eh?

I think you’ll find Garchomp to be a powerful companion on your adventures.

I can’t wait to see how your relationship develops on your journey!

Thanks for all your help today, Trainer. I hope you had a fin-tastic time!

Now, let’s GO!”

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