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Pokemon Go Update Version 0.211 and 1.177 Release Notes

Trainers, update version 0.211 for Android and version 1.177 for Apple users is now live and according to the latest release notes, Niantic and Pokemon Go made some changes in the game and fixed a lot of bugs.

Niantic and Pokemon Go made some changes and fixed a lot of bugs in update versions 0.211 and 1.177. They were kind enough to share the release notes, so we recommend checking them out below.

Here is an overview of the release notes, thanks to Niantic:

0.211 and 1.177 Release Notes

Note: For Apple Users, this release will show as version 1.177 in the App Store.
Last updated: June 29th, 2021
Release notes may be posted before the release is available to all players. Please check your app store for the latest version of Pokémon GO available to you.


  • Graphic updates, new assets, and tweaks to the Gym Arena and Raid Lobby to Arena transition.
  • Added scrollbar to Pokémon Home confirmation page
  • Added more categories to the Pokédex category menu.
  • Added matchmaking rating display back to GO Battle League
  • QOL Improvements
    • Updated text color for snowy weather to be easier to read.
    • Visual improvement for female avatars
    • Improved event confetti texture

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Mega Pokémon CP to be visible on Pokémon switch button during PvP battles.
  • Fixed issue causing softlock after leaving Pokémon Details Page after encountering a Pokémon.
  • Fixed bug causing Mega evolve music to continue playing after returning to the world map.
  • Fixed bug causing Pokéball to hang in the air during Pokémon encounter after a Remote Raid.
  • Fixed bug stopping Trainers from transferring to Pokémon Home.
  • Fixed touch target size of the Battle button on the Join Raid screen.
  • Fixed bug on Pokémon inventory screen causing Pokémon to clip behind its CP.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect count on tags for recommended search items on Pokémon inventory page.
  • Fixed but causing Pokémon to not appear during a PvP encounter intro sequence
  • Fixed delay in healing effect and animation when using potions on Pokémon.
  • Fixed bug causing game to softlock when tapping on a Gym to view a Raid with some Pokémon.
  • Fixed an error causing English text to appear on iOS permissions popup for Trainers playing in German, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), and Japanese.
  • Fixed bug displaying incorrect number of days spent with buddy.
  • Fixed bug showing marketing push notifications even when player deselected the toggle
  • Fixed bug causing Network Error (2) to appear in a closed gym on backgrounding the app
  • Fixed bug showing stadium crowd as a hot pink rectangle
  • Fixed misaligned Deoxys Pokédex info icons
  • Fixed bug for Trainers catching their first Pokémon in which Professor Willow would appear before returning the Trainer to the map
  • Fixed bug allowing charged attacks from already fainted Pokémon during a battle
  • Fixed bug on Friends List showing incorrect search results.
  • Fixed GO Battle League bug causing a battle to end prematurely and cause Trainers to be unable to continue playing
  • Fixed bug when switching out Pokémon during a battle causing switched Pokémon’s Pokéball to remain on the screen
  • Fixed Japanese text sizing on screen during battles
  • Fixed audio transition when bringing down iOS notification bar while playing
  • Fixed text wrap on number picker modal in certain languages
  • Fixed bug causing camera to go underneath the floor when defending a remote Gym
  • Fixed bug causing shadow buddy Pokémon to disappear from the map after purifying them
  • Fixed bug causing text overlap in Gym Badge award and item award bubbles
  • Fixed text size on the “All your Pokémon have fainted” screen in Japanese & Chinese
  • Fixed bug causing app to crash when entering an emoji as a tag name
  • Fixed bug on weather screen for iPhone X Trainers making it impossible to leave the screen without force restarting the app
  • Fixed bug in which increasing Friendship Level with friend or buddy did not trigger the appropriate animation
  • Fixed misaligned text in Nearby menu for Raid invites
  • Fixed bug when entering referral codes causing long codes to clip out of entry field
  • Fixed issue stopping the screen from fading after powering up a Pokémon
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