Valve will be at E3 2021 via the PC Gaming Show

It’s certainly exciting whenever there’s a story about a renowned developer like Valve. While there may not be much to talk about, Valve will still be at E3 2021, years after its last E3 appearance. This was announced at PC Gamer, which is the main organizer of the PC Gaming Show.

The statement says that there will be only a message from Valve regarding Steam Next Fest, but we may also hear news about SteamPal, a Switch-like portable gaming PC. It seems that SteamPal has been a thing for a long time, which has been in development for years.

A touchscreen gamepad with the ability to switch between TV or Monitor at any given time. Switch-like, we said, right? Well, with Valve being at E3 via the PC Gaming Show hosted by PC Gamer, we might be onto something. Whenever it’s a word about Valve, there’s no matter of absence, as they do not mend their fans with the super-sized marketing program, but instead, they commit to their invention before it becomes a reality.

Valve is not famous for E3 performances, but it’s definitely onto something. With Gabe Newell backing up the Steam-powered console, it wouldn’t be weird to have it coming real soon. It’s not only a software-bound company, but instead it has grown quite a lot in the hardware universe too.

The PC Gaming Show will air Sunday, June 13 at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST.

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