Apex Legends’ Cross Progression Feature Will Be Delayed

Respawn Entertainment’s recent announcement about Apex Legends getting a cross-progression system has been declined by ruthless hackers that have seemingly distorted the developer focus. Therefore, players will need to wait for a longer time before they can level up and mend their character from different platforms.

Do not boil it wrong. Apex Legends has a cross-play feature, which differs from cross-progression and doesn’t allow the same accounts to log in from other platforms. But why exactly is the cross-progression being delayed? Well, Chad Grenier, Apex Legends’ game director, has announced the treason in a public Twitter response. Apparently, recent hacks on Apex and Titanfall have slowed the progress on the Apex Legends cross-progression development.

In other news, Apex Legends will get Ranked Arenas, a game mode that has recently been introduced to the player base and offers unique 3v3 team fights with buying system. Respawn Entertainment has revealed that Ranked Arenas in Apex Legends will become available in Season 10.

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