Battlefield 2042 Server Rental Program Won’t Be Available at Launch

EA Dice has revealed that community servers won’t be a possibility at launch, as server renting won’t be available with the launch of the game. Those who want to run 24/7 servers or configure them up to their own needs will probably have to wait for a longer time but hasn’t been confirmed that it would arrive at any stage. The server rental program has sparked a discussion amongst the devs. In a recent interview with Battlefield Nation, Ripple Effect Studios’ Design Director Justin Wiebe revealed numerous information connected to Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal, including the inability to rent servers at launch.

On the “Will it be possible to rent a server (RSP) or will the servers be free for everyone (eg: Battlefield V)” question, Justing Wiebe answered the following:

When we launch, the servers that people gonna deploy to are gonn/a be free for everyone. So, regardless if you wanna say it’s just, you know, me against the whole bunch of AI or if you wanna run a 128 player server it’s absolutely free. Everybody can run one server at a time, basically, so it means you can’t run a whole bunch of servers simultaneously, you can run one server. And, that server is gonna persist so as long as even there’s even one player playing on that server it will continue to run. When that last player leaves, then the server will spin down, and then, as the host, you can choose to re-run that server the next time you log into the game and deploy it again.

We also understand that there are some who are really big fans of the server rental program. That is something we’ve been actively talking about but there’s no commitment to something like that at this time.

He also evaluated the compatibility between different weapons in Battlefield Portal, as it needs thorough balancing before the game goes live. Below you can find the complete interview.

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