Echo is the first guild in the world to get to Sylvanas Windrunner in Sanctum of Domination

Update 7/20/2021: Echo killed Sylvanas Windrunner in 176 pulls. Epic Final moments, more about that can be found here.

Update 7/20/2021: Both Complexity Limit and Echo have managed to bring the boss to 45.4% HP, which resulted in no defeat at all. No one has brought Sylvanas Windrunner below that. Not much has been left. If she’s yielding at 45% of HP, then it might happen at any point now.

Update 7/19/2021: It appears that Echo is also the first Guild to push the boss below 46.5%, and realized that they’re getting a lot closer to defeating Sylvanas. It’s all about CD usage, second lust and pots, and good RNG. This means that Blizzard has truly implemented a secret phase, and on Mythic, according to most recent leaks and rumors, the boss is defeated on 45%. Therefore, most of the top guilds have decided to do splits, because they need that extra gear to conquer the encounter easier.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, one of the most exciting MMORPGs on the market is known for releasing new Raids, providing end-game content after each major update. This tier, the raid is called Sanctum of Domination, which has 10 bosses in total. The last boss of the raid is the unfriendly and cruel Sylvanas Windrunner, which seems to be changing her perspective on things.

Guilds from all around the world race to gain the World First title, which is permitted after defeating the last boss on the highest “mythic” difficulty. Renowned Guilds such as Method, Complexity Limit, Pieces, Echo, BDGG, and others participate in the run, trying to outsmart each other by using the best strategy for each boss, leading to the fastest defeat. Being the world’s first to defeat the last boss in a Raid Tier means a lot for all of the participants, an aura that makes the race entertaining to watch.

But to reach Sylvanas, you first need to defeat Kel’Thuzad, one of the bosses considered to be the second hardest in this raid tier. Below you can find the Echo’s killing blow on Kel’Thuzad, which advanced them further to confronting Sylvanas Windrunner.

Complexity Limit, the winner in the previous World First Race, is currently stuck on Kel’Thuzad, meaning Echo has a considerable advantage over Complexity Limit even after the day of absence (World First Race starts around a day earlier in the US). Sylvanas Windrunner seems like a really strong boss to deal with. Will it require a full cycle and a week reset? In that case, Complexity Limit would somewhat have the upper hand considering the huge item upgrade they get from the vault. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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