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Escape From Tarkov “Disease History” Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov’s patch 0.12.11 has added a couple of new quests to the game. One of them is Disease History, a quest given by EFT’s trader known as Therapist. Therapist wants you to find two medical journals, which are located in the medical building on Reserve. The medical building is marked with a white Bishop, and it’s right across the road of the “Barter” building, also known as the White Queen.

To complete this quest you will need two keys, which are quite expensive on the FLEA market during the early wipe. If you’re lucky enough and manage to get them, then you’ll be able to finish the quest a lot easier. But before we jump the locations and other stuff, let’s see the quest dialogue first.

Disease History Quest


Good afternoon, young man. I have been looking for someone like you just now. I have received information about a new vaccine against a rare strain of flu virus that was being tested at the Reserve base, officially… I cannot tell you what was actually tested there, but TerraGroup is somehow involved in this. The results of these tests could prove extremely valuable for humanity… and the group of my western clients. I need to find those tests, so you have to travel to the Reserve base and find the medical observation journals for patients. This documentation should be somewhere in the locked rooms of the medical unit. Will you take on this task? Of course, you will be rewarded for your work.


  • Obtain medical journal №1 on Reserve
  • Obtain medical journal №2 on Reserve

Mandatory Keys

  • RB-SMP
  • RB-KSM


Below you can find the image showcasing the White Bishop with two of its doors behind which the medical journals are located.

Both rooms have medical shelves, exactly where each medical journal is located, on one of the rafters. Nevertheless, you will need both of the keys to gain access, so we hope you have an auspicious day, or you’re rich enough to afford yourself buying the key from the FLEA market.

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