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Escape From Tarkov “Inventory Check” Quest Guide

As we’re heading deeper into 0.12.11, we have more to talk about. The Reserve base has become the location of multiple new quests, and we’re here to escort them properly. In a brand new quest named Inventory Check, Ragman wants us to head to the Reserve base and check on multiple arsenals and the duty room in the barracks.

The rooms are scattered in two different buildings, marked with the white pawn and black pawn symbol. Initially, the quest requires you to bring keys. Nevertheless, the keys are not mandatory and you can bypass that requirement, except for the western barrack key RB-ORB3. How exactly? Well, we’re here for that.

“Inventory Check” Quest Dialogue

Salam brother! Come in! Got a task for you. The Reserve base’s got several soldier barracks, and usually, they’re supposed to have an arsenal and a storage room in them. I wanna know if there’s anything left there so I could gather a group for it, or if everything’s already looted. Wanna stroll there and check it out? Need to search some specific places, I’ve even got a list of where there could still be unlooted stuff.

Quest Requirements

  • Check the first arsenal in the western barracks on Reserve
  • Check the duty room in the western barracks on Reserve
  • Check the second arsenal in the western barracks on Reserve
  • Check the second arsenal in the northern barracks on Reserve
  • Check the second arsenal in the northern barracks on Reserve
  • Survive and extract from the location

Inventory Check Quest Guide

First off, the rooms are located in the white and black pawn, all of them on the second and fourth floor. Most of them can be unlocked by just running close to them or the walls, except for the arsenal room in the western barracks which requires you to have a key, RB-ORB3. That was the only room we weren’t able to unlock by just walking there.

How exactly to gain entrance to these rooms? Well, each arsenal room has a door next to it that can be opened. In that way, your character will be gently pushed in the wall and the character model will pass the quest boundary which will allow you to trigger the sub-task (sry BSG, have to help my fellow gamers here). For example, check the images below.

In this case, you won’t need the keys for all of them, but just for the RB-ORB3. A friend of mine told me he managed to access RB-ORB3 with the door locked, while I wasn’t able to. One more thing. To gain access to the DUTY room in the western barracks, you need to hug the wall on the staircase right next to it. In that way, you will be able to do it. If not, then you will need to buy the key RB-OB. If you would like to do the honest way, then these are the keys needed:

  • RB-ORB1
  • RB-ORB2
  • RB-ORB3
  • RB-OB

Hopefully, this guide will help you complete this quest without buying all the mandatory keys. Hurry up, until they fix it.

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