Escape From Tarkov’s Kappa Container Obtainable at Level 71

Escape From Tarkov’s latest update, 0.12.11, had many surprises, but one has definitely taken away all of the attention. Apparently, Battlestate Games, the developer behind Escape From Tarkov has decided to raise the requirements for getting the Kappa Container. The Secured Kappa Container, the only reason for grinding in Escape From Tarkov is now only available at level 71.

Recently, Escape From Tarkov streamer, Bakeezy has shared an image of the Collector quest in the current patch of Escape From Tarkov. The Collector is the last quest in the game that grants the players the largest secure container in the game, also known as the Kappa container. The Kappa container has been the holy grail in Escape From Tarkov, also known as the only valuable incentive to keep on playing the game and follow the intriguing questline.

Now that the experience requirement between levels is larger, players find it hard to even imagine reaching level 71. I have multiple friends who have somewhat given up, and they’re not as excited as they were during the early wipe. Nevertheless, Battlestate Games can, and probably will nerf the level requirement, simply due to the fact that players are going to stop playing the game, especially those who never had the opportunity to get the Kappa container.

Moreover, it feels like this change is a piece of a marketing move by BSG for more effective monetization and a cheeky move to make players upgrade their version to EoD due to the larger, “Gamma” secure container. Knowing that Escape From Tarkov does not include P2W elements, DLCs, or paid content, this change somewhat makes sense. But, if there’s a wipe every six months, then what’s the point of this change?

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