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Escape From Tarkov “Surplus Goods” Quest Guide

As you all know, Battlestate Games has added a couple of new quests to Escape From Tarkov. Some of them quite expensive in terms of requirements, but we’ll all settle along sooner or later. One of them is the Surplus Goods quest, which is one of the new quests on Reserve. Mechanic gives the quest, and he requires you to find an MBT navigational complex on Reserve base. Well, let’s see where that device is located.

Well, you can find this item in the garages located next to the white horse building, which is one of the scariest ones when it comes to player Scavs. I know; I’ve been there multiple times. However, the entrance is not accessible, and you will need a key. Once you unlock it, you will find the item in one of the boxes.

Surplus Goods Quest Guide

Without further ado, below you can find the quest dialogue and all of the requirements and images where exactly you can find the item.

Surplus Goods Quest Dialogue

Hello, I’ve decided to get involved with military electronics, it’s quite a promising business, and I’ve got interested people for that. And the army, as you know, has the most secure communication: digital encryptions, GPS, GLONASS and all kinds of other things. So anyway, I’ve got info about some device on Reserve, usually seen in workshops, I think it’s used in machinery it’s some kind of control and navigation block. I want you to find this block and bring it to me. Would be interesting to see what it has inside of it. I’ll reward you of course.

Surplus Goods Quest Requirements

  • Obtain MBT navigation complex on Reserve

Keys Required

  • Key: RB-ST


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