Escape From Tarkov’s New Scav Karma System is Fun, Needs More Work

Do you want to enhance your scav loadout? Well, you’ll have the chance to, but you need to behave if you want to achieve that. Escape From Tarkov has introduced us to a new Scav Karma system, a new feature in Tarkov that incentivizes a ceasefire between fellow Scavs. Each Scav kill damages the reputation with one of the Escape From Tarkov traders, Fence.

Nevertheless, it seems that the system is not perfected, and it needs some work before the Karma system attributes fair players accordingly. The Scavs that kill other Scavs who have committed something treacherous or opened fire against other Scavs are still deducted Karma. In a recent Reddit thread, Nikita, COO of Battlestate Games, has stated that this will be changed.

This new scav system is a joke… from EscapefromTarkov

Simply said, the killer Scav is getting a decrease in reputation no matter the previous actions. Hence, this should be worked on in the future, so fair players do not get punished for taking the right actions.

Expect a wave of Scavs to team up on the maps. They are getting smarter as the days go by, and their teaming might not turn good for fellow PMCs.

Angel Kicevski

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