New World is Amazing, But Doesn’t Feel Ready for Release

Recently, I’ve been diving in New World’s closed beta big time. The game seems to have many beautiful elements, and there are numerous things that make this game one of a kind. A couple of them, the graphics, optimization, vegetation, and the very satisfying PvP combat that could compensate for all the game-breaking bugs that have surfaced during New World’s closed beta. Yes, there’s a lot to whine about, but let’s keep this short and civil.

First of all, Amazon’s upcoming MMORPG New World displays a unique gameplay experience. The most recent closed beta allows the developers to pinpoint faulty issues and fix them before the official release on August 31st. Wait, August 31st? Oh boy, that’s such a short time because new issues are still surfacing.

I’ve been playing New World day and night this closed beta. New World’s features and mechanics got me really hooked on it. While everything seemed flawless, I could experience a couple of bugs that were already reported on the official forums. They didn’t seem that intrusive and game-breaking in practice, but reports of more severe ones have started appearing on the forums. One of them… Gold Duping. Well, we all know that such an anomaly, especially in an MMORPG, is no bueno.

With all the bugs and issues taken into perspective and notably the most recent gold dupe that is definitely going to be fixed in the future, New World’s release date doesn’t feel right. Even if the company is capable of fixing all of the identified issues during the closed beta, I am still scared of the possibility of encountering even more game-breaking issues. For this to be resolved, I do expect the beta to be extended for a couple more days, maybe weeks, transitioning into an OPEN BETA. Not to mention, the developers would do me a favor since I am so hooked on the game. I am level 43 at the time of this writing, which, to be fair, makes me capable of giving my opinion on the matter.

Another thing I’d love to talk about is the XP distribution. War Board quests seem to give an exceptional amount of XP, with no sweat by the players whatsoever. It’s the most effective way for getting levels, even though it feels like it shouldn’t be. The amount of quests and XP provided is just abnormal.

It is by no doubt that New World has been very successful, even in its closed beta. The game seems to have everything that indicates of multiple games in one. I am excited to see what else the developers would do and how they would take the PvP to the next level. I am about to have my first War, so there’s that.

P.S. Please don’t add mounts, at least not until the territory meets its first major expansion.

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Angel Kicevski

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