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Pokemon Go In-App Purchases Delayed up to 72 Hours, Players Might Get Blocked from Accessing Go Fest 2021 Event

Trainers, Pokemon Go’s known issues page has been updated and it seems like some players may experience a delay of up to 72 hours after making an in-app purchase for the item to appear in your bag.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 event is right around the corner and Niantic and Pokemon Go warned all the players that they might not get their items in their bag right after purchase. There will be a delay of 72 hours for the items to appear in the bag and some players might get blocked from accessing an event because of this issue. Sounds crazy, right?

A lot of Pokemon Go, those with a ticket, and those without a ticket for the Go Fest 2021 event are preparing for the biggest event in the game, but what’s the point of spending money if we get the items after the event is finished? Or is this just a way for them to push players to “panic buy” before the event?

What is quite interesting is that there is a bug that might prevent players from accessing the Go Fest 2021.

In-app purchases may take up to 72 hours to appear in a Trainer’s Item Bag. A small percentage of Trainers may experience a delay of up to 72 hours after making an in-app purchase for the item to appear in their Item Bag.

Mitigated in (0.213) and we are continuing to investigate the root cause. If you have not received your item in over 72 hours, or if you are blocked from accessing an event because of this issue, please contact Support with your purchase receipt including the purchase order number and the e-mail address matching your Pokémon GO account.”

These things shouldn’t be happening before the biggest event in Pokemon Go and we hope they will find a solution and fix these things ASAP.

We definitely don’t want to see a Go Fest 2021 makeup event again. What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. will non ticket holders wont be able to access the event as well



    HOW DARE YOU !!!

  2. As long as the first one happens, I would be fine with a Go Fest Makeup Event….more shots at high end Mons, sign me up

  3. updating to have a lot more servers would be a good thing. They’re always having buying issues, network error 2 during raids and signal problems.
    Day 1 player and still seeing this list of things that should not be problems non-stop since it’s a cash cow.

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