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Pokemon Go Mythical Pokemon Hoopa is on the Way

Trainers, the dual-type Psychic/Ghost Mythical Pokemon Hoopa is on the way as discovered in Pokemon Go’s GM file.

The world’s greatest Pokemon Go dataminers discovered a text in the GameMaster file hinting at the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa.

According to their findings, during the Day 2 Go Fest 2021 event, players will get a new Special Research called Strange Rings and the quest storyline (Willow text) hints at the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa.

Now, in the text below, they say “Based on reports from the team leaders, it doesn’t seem like Hoopa is in the area at the moment. Let’s use this time to prepare to catch it, hm?”

Here is the Strange Rings quest storyline and the parts where they mention Hoopa are highlighted.

Strange Rings Special Research Quest

Ah, %PLAYERNAME%! Just the Trainer I was hoping to see. Have you been enjoying the festival?

I was just out on a stroll and witnessed the most incredible sight. Several rings had appeared in the sky, and as I stared up at them, something truly remarkable occurred.

Legendary Pokémon began emerging from the rings as if by magic!

Naturally, I rushed back to my laboratory and began frantically searching through every book I thought might shed some light on what had happened but I’ve yet to find anything.

I’m going to keep looking, but in the meantime, I could really use your help investigating the field.

We have to find out what’s going on here!

Thanks for collecting that information, Trainer. I’m going to send it over to Blanche for analysis. Unfortunately, the rings in the sky have yet to disappear.

I did have some luck in my search for an explanation, however. Look here – it’s the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa.

Known as the Mischief Pokémon, Hoopa enjoys sending things to faraway places using its rings, which can warp space.

That explains why those Legendary Pokémon appeared the way they did. Hoopa uses those rings to move things from place to place—including itself. It won’t be easy to catch.

Based on reports from the team leaders, it doesn’t seem like Hoopa is in the area at the moment. Let’s use this time to prepare to catch it, hm?

Mischievous though Hoopa may be, you have to admit that its rings are quite fascinating, eh, %PLAYERNAME%?

Moments like this remind me of why I became a Pokémon Professor in the first place. The world of Pokémon is endlessly exciting!

For now, why don’t you go challenge some raids with other Trainers and catch some Pokémon? You’ll need your skills at their sharpest to catch Hoopa. Now, let’s GO!

This could mean that we might get Hoopa as part of the Ultra Unlock event. These are all our guesses at the moment, and more info will be revealed soon.

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