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Pokemon Go New Forms Added, Includes Ash Greninja, Hoopa, Keldeo, Necrozma, Primals, Shaymin Vivillon, Wishiwashi and More

Trainers, the world’s greatest dataminers discovered a new text update, which includes all the various forms for released and future Pokemon.

Pokeminers discovered something very interesting in the latest Pokemon Go text update and they were kind enough to share their findings with the rest of the Pokemon Go community.

They discovered new texts for all the various forms for released and future Pokemon. Some of the most exciting ones are Ash Greninja, Hoopa, Keldeo, Necrozma, Primals, Shaymin, Vivillon, and Wishiwashi.

The list is long and includes more Pokemon forms, so feel free to check it out below.

New Pokemon Forms Discovered in Pokemon Go

  • form_aegislash_blade
    Blade Forme
  • form_aegislash_shield
    Shield Forme
  • form_arceus_bug
  • form_arceus_dark
  • form_arceus_dragon
  • form_arceus_electric
  • form_arceus_fairy
  • form_arceus_fighting
  • form_arceus_fire
  • form_arceus_flying
  • form_arceus_ghost
  • form_arceus_grass
  • form_arceus_ground
  • form_arceus_ice
  • form_arceus_normal
  • form_arceus_poison
  • form_arceus_psychic
  • form_arceus_rock
  • form_arceus_steel
  • form_arceus_water
  • form_burmy_plant
    Plant Cloak
  • form_burmy_sandy
    Sandy Cloak
  • form_burmy_trash
    Trash Cloak
  • form_castform_normal
    Normal Form
  • form_castform_rainy
    Rainy Form
  • form_castform_snowy
    Snowy Form
  • form_castform_sunny
    Sunny Form
  • form_cherrim_overcast
    Overcast Form
  • form_cherrim_sunny
    Sunshine Form
  • form_darmanitan_standard
    Standard Mode
  • form_darmanitan_zen
    Zen Mode
  • form_deoxys_attack
    Attack Forme
  • form_deoxys_defense
    Defense Forme
  • form_deoxys_speed
    Speed Forme
  • form_furfrou_dandy
    Dandy Trim
  • form_furfrou_debutant
    Debutante Trim
  • form_furfrou_diamond
    Diamond Trim
  • form_furfrou_heart
    Heart Trim
  • form_furfrou_kabuki
    Kabuki Trim
  • form_furfrou_la_reine
    La Reine Trim
  • form_furfrou_matron
    Matron Trim
  • form_furfrou_natural
    Natural Form
  • form_furfrou_pharaoh
    Pharaoh Trim
  • form_furfrou_star
    Star Trim
  • form_genesect_burn
    Burn Drive
  • form_genesect_chill
    Chill Drive
  • form_genesect_douse
    Douse Drive
  • form_genesect_normal
  • form_genesect_shock
    Shock Drive
  • form_greninja_ash
  • form_hoopa_confined
    Hoopa Confined
  • form_hoopa_unbound
    Hoopa Unbound
  • form_keldeo_ordinary
    Ordinary Form
  • form_keldeo_resolute
    Resolute Form
  • form_kyurem_black
    Black Kyurem
  • form_kyurem_normal
  • form_kyurem_white
    White Kyurem
  • form_landorus_incarnate
    Incarnate Forme
  • form_landorus_therian
    Therian Forme
  • form_meloetta_aria
    Aria Forme
  • form_meloetta_pirouette
    Pirouette Forme
  • form_mimikyu_busted
    Busted Form
  • form_mimikyu_disguised
    Disguised Form
  • form_necrozma_dawn_wings
    Dawn Wings
  • form_necrozma_dusk_mane
    Dusk Mane
  • form_necrozma_normal
  • form_necrozma_ultra
    Ultra Necrozma
  • form_pirouette
    Pirouette Forme
  • form_primal
    Primal Reversion
  • form_rotom_fan
    Fan Rotom
  • form_rotom_frost
    Frost Rotom
  • form_rotom_heat
    Heat Rotom
  • form_rotom_mow
    Mow Rotom
  • form_rotom_normal
  • form_rotom_wash
    Wash Rotom
  • form_shaymin_land
    Land Forme
  • form_shaymin_sky
    Sky Forme
  • form_solo
    Solo Form
  • form_thundurus_incarnate
    Incarnate Forme
  • form_thundurus_therian
    Therian Forme
  • form_tornadus_incarnate
    Incarnate Forme
  • form_tornadus_therian
    Therian Forme
  • form_vivillon_archipelago
    Archipelago Pattern
  • form_vivillon_continental
    Continental Pattern
  • form_vivillon_elegant
    Elegant Pattern
  • form_vivillon_fancy
    Fancy Pattern
  • form_vivillon_garden
    Garden Pattern
  • form_vivillon_high_plains
    High Plains Pattern
  • form_vivillon_icy_snow
    Icy Snow Pattern
  • form_vivillon_jungle
    Jungle Pattern
  • form_vivillon_marine
    Marine Pattern
  • form_vivillon_meadow
    Meadow Pattern
  • form_vivillon_modern
    Modern Pattern
  • form_vivillon_monsoon
    Monsoon Pattern
  • form_vivillon_ocean
    Ocean Pattern
  • form_vivillon_pokeball
    Poké Ball Pattern
  • form_vivillon_polar
    Polar Pattern
  • form_vivillon_river
    River Pattern
  • form_vivillon_sandstorm
    Sandstorm Pattern
  • form_vivillon_savanna
    Savanna Pattern
  • form_vivillon_sun
    Sun Pattern
  • form_vivillon_tundra
    Tundra Pattern
  • form_wishiwashi_school
    School Form
  • form_wishiwashi_solo
    Solo Form
  • form_zygarde_complete
    Complete Forme
  • form_zygarde_fifty_percent
    50% Forme
  • form_zygarde_ten_percent
    10% Forme

There is no info on when these new Pokemon forms might arrive in the game, but they will be added to the game at some point.

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