Rumor: Destiny 2 and Halo Crossover On The Verge of Arrival

A possible crossover to be taken with a grain of salt.

Hey, Halo and Destiny 2 fans. Have you ever thought about and maybe try to digest a Destiny 2 and Halo Crossover? Well, it seems to be happening, as recent rumors have started whirling around speaking of a possible Destiny 2 and Halo crossover. According to the leak, it seems that the crossover is destined to arrive in December 2021. But, will it really occur?

The possibility for such an occasion arrives from a Pastebin document that was shared on the Raid Secrets subreddit, which sounds like a possibility of a Destiny 2 and Halo crossover. The Pastebin contains 498 lines of pure info connected to Destiny 2, which also mentions Halo cosmetics for Bungie’s 30th Anniversary pack. If true, then Bungie plans to unearth many surprises, usually uncommon in the industry.

You can find the leaked info in Pastebin below, which may indeed predispose as a spoiler if it turns true. The most important line we could take out is the talks between Like Smith and Bonnie Ross for the Halo Crossover.

Luke Smith in talks with Bonnie Ross (Halo Luke Smith) about the Halo crossover stuff soon.
The document below also has multiple statements regarding Halo items coming to Destiny 2, such as Halo-themed  Armours, weapons, and other items unique for each Destiny 2 class.

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