Apex Legends Datamine Indicates Arrival of New “Cryo” Grenade

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t added any novelty to the throwable item section in Apex Legends since its launch. Well, it’s never too late, as data miners have discovered a new throwable item that has recently been added to the files. With all the huge influx of popularity thanks to Streamers and influencers leaving CoD: Warzone, Apex Legends is coming back on the BR scene, and it has to surprise the fans with something new.

Apparently, a new Cryo grenade is coming to the game, which has been added in Apex Legends season 10 Emergence update. The Cryo grenade shares the same shape as the thermite grenade, and according to the reveal, is in its very early dev stages. In the video below, a YouTuber named Shrutgal talks about the new Cryo Grenade, giving opinions on how it’s going to work.

The new “Cryo” grenade is supposed to have similar effects as the already existing thermite grenade. However, the fire is supposed to be swapped with an ice effect. Another prediction is that the grenade might serve as a brick wall to block enemies with slight AOE damage. It might even freeze players. But having a slippery floor with ticking AOE damage is much more common than all crazy ideas of how it’s gonna work.

Nevertheless, the new Cryo grenade might arrive throughout the next season. Are you excited about this?

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