CoD: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Double Agent Game Mode Seems Quite Exciting

Season Five in Call of Duty includes a free content update consisting of a brand new “Among Us” type of game mode. A fresh, all-new multiplayer game mode that will let players go undercover or, better yet, choose between the bright and dark side. The new Call of Duty Black Ops game mode is called Double Agent and will pit two teams against each other.

Double Agent is a new game mode introduced in the Call of Duty series for the very first time. It should represent a unique gameplay experience, which goes head to head with the game’s 1980s setting. So how exactly does this game mode work or why exactly is everyone comparing this game mode to Among Us?

Well, 10 players are split into Operatives and Double Agents each round. The objective of the game mode is for the Operatives to pinpoint the Double Agents and eliminate them before they initiate their cheesy tactics. The Double Agents can either eliminate players or plant bombs on certain positions around the map, so they could maybe mitigate escalation and pass the suspicion to someone else.

Operatives are given one Investigator with certain skills and additional equipment to help him gather intel on the Double Agents. Their involvement in the game is crucial, and they should hide their role as much as they can because the Double Agents’ hunger for them is high. Their role is enormous, as they are the only ones to put a Wanted Order on suspicious players, making the game mode unique and incomparable to Among Us. Throughout the match, the Investigator will have access to additional items, such as Stimshots and Hand Cannons. The Investigator plays the most important role in this game mode.

With different arsenals and objectives, this game mode is expected to be much anticipated by its fans. Having Voice Chat would be required to play this game mode, as it provides clearer and faster communication. Below you can take a look at the Double Agent mode presented through a trailer published not long ago.

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