CoD: Vanguard will have an improved anti-cheat that will be available in Warzone

CoD: Vanguard, the next shooter game coming from Activision Blizzard, is set to surprise the fans of CoD: Warzone. According to recent leaks, the development of CoD: Vanguard is also focusing on creating a better anti-cheat for its product, which will also be accessible for its Battle Royale counterpart, CoD: Warzone. CoD: Warzone has recently been plagued with cheaters, dragging some of the most popular streamers off the game.

As influencers, they usually have a strong impact on the player base itself, as they have maybe dragged a bunch of players off of CoD: Warzone. CoD: Vanguard, the upcoming shooter, is planned to have a new and improved anti-cheat system, which security measures will traverse to Warzone so that influencers might reconsider giving a chance to Warzone again.

CoD: Warzone has been running without a particular anti-cheat for all this time, allowing cheaters to dominate in the Battle Royale game. Raven Software has been trying its best to prevent these activities. Still, the statistics show the opposite, as it has been tough to sustain a fair gameplay experience for everyone.

These assertions come from Tom Henderson, who has stated that a new anti-cheat system for the next Call of Duty title is in development for over a year, and it will be implemented in Warzone.

CoD: Vanguard is developed by Sledgehammer Games. The game will be set in the WW2 era, following 1984 themed Black Ops Cold War. It appears that Activision Blizzard is slowly getting back through time.

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