Metal Slug Tactics coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

The famous run and gun video game franchise promote its tactical RPG counterpart, Metal Slug Tactics. Metal Slug Tactics is developed by Leikir Studio, which aims to bring the game to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The new gameplay trailer introduces us to the game’s characters, Marco, Fio, Tarma, and Eri, as they tackle down vicious encounters. Below you can find the gameplay reveal. Judging by the trailer, it seems that the developer’s focus on background details is intense. This already imbues a nostalgic feeling, thanks to the signature arsenal that we had yield multiple times before.

As you progress through the game, you will upgrade your weapons and acquire better perks that would shuffle and set you apart from boredom. Overall, a great substitution for any roguelike game since it offers similar elements.

Developed by Leikir Studio, Metal Slug Tactics, a grid-based tactical adaptation of the iconic run-and-gun METAL SLUG series, is bringing the fight to Nintendo Switch during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase presentation. News of Metal Slug Tactics’ Switch deployment follows the game’s previously confirmed arrival on PC via Steam, with both tours beginning in 2022.

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