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New Mobile Shooter “Project M” Is a Valorant Rip Off

It’s amusing how some developing companies tend to snipe and clone a game popular on other platforms. It wouldn’t be the first or last time we notice similarities between games from different platforms, especially the ones on mobile. Now, even if the title may hold offensive properties towards the developer of Project M, let’s see the reality.

In the most recent teaser and announcement of the closed beta test, we could notice Project M’s similarity with Valorant. There is no way in the world you could say it’s a word about two different games. Even if the characters have different looks and unique names compared to Valorant, their abilities are the same as Valorant. They have even been showcased in the trailer for an easier overlook.

I guess we’ll have the opportunity to play a female version of Sova. Below you can find the official closed beta footage, so you can judge by yourself if it’s a word about a Valorant rip-off or not. We wouldn’t be surprised if this results in Riot Games filing a lawsuit against this treachery. Again, I have nothing against the game, but honestly speaking, aside from the character’s faces, there’s not much different.

Even the maps have the same vibe as in Valorant.

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