Nintendo Switch Sold Over 89 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo Switch has shipped more than 89 million units, thanks to the latest and most recent financial results provided by the company. Nintendo is proud to announce that the Switch console has shipped over 89 million units worldwide, passing Xbox 360 and PS4 sales. The handheld gaming device has a huge chance to surpass the Wii and PS1 by the end of this year.

  • Did you know? The Nintendo Switch is selling faster than PS2 and the PS4 consoles, including the Wii, even if it falls behind in total sales compared to some of them.

The Switch stands at exactly 89.04 Million units shipped, with a huge chance of surpassing the sales of other platforms as aforementioned. Until March 2022 and the conclusion of the fiscal year, the company expects to bolster the Nintendo Switch sales by 20.5 million higher. The Switch is considered to be the biggest-selling console from Nintendo’s rows.

Other consoles have noticed far lower sales at the end of production, for example, the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The Xbox 360 has sold 86 million units, while the PS3 has sold 87 million sales. But even if the console is selling faster than the PS2, it seems that it’s far from beating it. The Nintendo DS also seems unreachable, as it leads quite far forward in sales too.

It’s looking good to continue following Nintendo Switch’s selling performance in the future, as it may achieve some new milestones and surpass some of the most legendary game consoles. What could 2021 and 2022  potentially unwrap for Nintendo? Would it succeed in its goals?

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