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Pokemon Go August 2021 Field Research Tasks, Rewards and Research Breakthrough

A new month is right under our feet, which signalizes that it is time for new Field Research tasks, rewards, and a brand new Research Breakthrough Pokemon for August 2021.

August 2021 will bring Chimecho as the featured Pokemon for the Research Breakthrough, which can be obtained through earning seven stamps by completing Field Research tasks.

Since it is a part of the Season of Discovery, the double XP bonus will be staying in August 2021, a great bonus if you are asking us.

Every month we see different Field Research tasks, so here are the ones that we will be seeing in August 2021.

August 2021 Field Research Tasks and Rewards

  • Battle in Go Battle League: Poliwhirl
  • Catch 10 Fire-type Pokemon: x10 Charizard Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Grass-type Pokemon: x10 Venusaur Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon: x10 Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Water-type Pokemon: x10 Blastoise Mega Energy
  • Catch 3 Pokemon Kanto Geodude (can be shiny), Alolan Geodude (can be shiny)
  • Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost: Poliwag (can be shiny), Vulpix (can be shiny), Hippopotas (can be shiny), Snover (can be shiny), Wooper (can be shiny)
  • Catch 7 Pokemon: Magikarp (can be shiny)
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon: Dratini (can be shiny), Bagon (can be shiny)
  • Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts: Skorupi (can be shiny)
  • Earn 2 candies walking with your buddy: Bunnelby (can be shiny)
  • Earn 3 candies walking with your buddy: Ralts (can be shiny), Stunfisk
  • Earn 5 hearts with your buddy: Clefairy (can be shiny)
  • Hatch 2 Eggs: Beldum (can be shiny)
  • Hatch an Egg: Mantine, Swinub (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row: Gible (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 Great Throws in a row: Onix (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 Great Throws: Lileep (can be shiny), Anorith (can be shiny), Snubbull (can be shiny)
  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row: Spinda 7 (can be shiny)
  • Make 5 Nice Throws: Dunsparce (can be shiny)
  • Power Up Pokemon 3 times: Bulbasaur (can be shiny), Charmander (can be shiny), Squirtle (can be shiny)
  • Power Up Pokemon 5 times: 10 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Beedrill/Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Power Up Pokemon 5 times: Chikorita (can be shiny), Cyndaquil (can be shiny), Totodile (can be shiny)
  • Power Up Pokemon 7 times: Treecko (can be shiny), Torchic (can be shiny), Mudkip (can be shiny)
  • Send 3 Gifts to friends Roselia (can be shiny)
  • Spin 3 PokeStops or Gyms: Sudowoodo (can be shiny)
  • Spin 5 PokeStops or Gyms: Ralts (can be shiny), Rhyhorn (can be shiny)
  • Take 2 snapshots of wild Rock-type Pokemon: Roggenrola (can be shiny)
  • Take a snapshot of a wild Pokemon: Murkrow (can be shiny), Hoppip, Yanma (can be shiny)
  • Trade a Pokemon: Feebas (can be shiny)
  • Use 10 Super Effective Charged Attacks: 20 Charizard Mega Energy
  • Use 3 Razz Berries to help catch Pokemon: Psyduck (can be shiny)
  • Win 2 raids: Snorlax (can be shiny)
  • Win 5 raids: Aerodactyl (can be shiny)
  • Win a Level 3 or higher raid: Kabuto (can be shiny), Omanyte (can be shiny)

The list is complete and you now have all the Field Research tasks and rewards for August 2021.

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