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Pokemon Go Most Players to Participate in Eevee Community Day but Won’t Buy the $1 Special Research Ticket

Trainers, the next Pokemon Go Community Day event is going live this weekend, August 14 and 15, 2021, featuring Eevee, in-game bonuses, Timed Research, and $1 Special Research.

The $1 Special Research What You Choose to Be is a part of the Eevee Community Day event and only ticket holders will be able to participate. That said, you must purchase the $1 ticket for the What You Choose to Be Special Research to access the exclusive Special Research story.

The What You Choose to Be Special Research story is a five-stage Research featuring various tasks and rewards. The list of tasks and rewards will be posted when the event goes live. For now, you can check the Special Research quest storyline below.

Now, according to a recent poll and 1.1k votes, 301 players voted that they will participate in this event, 243 said they will not participate and 558 players voted that they will participate in this event, but they won’t buy the $1 ticket for the Special Research.”

Given the fact Niantic and Pokemon Go reduced the PokeStop distance, players are not very happy about it, these results are not surprising at all – players don’t want to spend money on the game. We agree with the Pokemon Go community and hopefully, they will increase the PokeStop distance starting September 2021.

Will you participate and buy the $1 ticket for the Special Research story on August 14 and 15, 2021? Let us know in the comment section below.

What You Choose to be Quest Storyline

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a huge influx of Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon!

Some theorize that the key to the mysteries of Pokémon Evolution lies within Eevee’s genetics.

I can understand that hypothesis—after all, Eevee can evolve into EIGHT Pokémon!

I sure wish I were as adaptable as Eevee!

I don’t even have eight different outfits. I basically wear this lab coat all the time—even to formal events!

Anyway, perhaps by researching Eevee, we’ll unravel even more mysteries of Pokémon Evolution!

I can’t wait to get started! Let’s GO learn about Eevee!

Great work with your research on Eevee, %PLAYERNAME%!

According to my findings, Eevee’s irregular DNA gives it the ability to evolve into many different Pokémon.

For example, it has three Evolutions originally discovered in the Kanto region: the Water-type Vaporeon, the Electric-type Jolteon, and the Fire-type Flareon.

Isn’t it fascinating that Eevee can evolve into Pokémon of such different types?

As you work on your Eevee research, perhaps you might learn more about these Pokémon. Good luck!

Great work, %PLAYERNAME%! I see you have gotten a Vaporeon, a Jolteon, and a Flareon!

These incredible creatures are capable of some impressive feats.

Did you know that Vaporeon can melt away into water?

Or that Jolteon can blast out 10000-volt lightning bolts?

And that Flareon breathes fire that is over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit?

Isn’t it amazing that all three of these Pokémon evolve from Eevee?

Perhaps there’s something besides genetics that gives Eevee so much potential.

Let’s do some more research to learn more about Eevee. At certain times of the day, this Pokémon can evolve into Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region: the Psychic-type Espeon and the Dark-type Umbreon.

If you keep up your research, you might find them as well!

Great work, %PLAYERNAME%! Looks like you’ve gotten yourself an Espeon and an Umbreon!

The Psychic-type Espeon can use the fine hair on its body to sense air currents and predict its enemies’ next move. It usually evolves from Eevee during the daytime.

As for the Dark-type Umbreon, it evolves from Eevee during the nighttime. It’s said that Umbreon’s rings glow yellow under the full moon.

Who would’ve thought that something like the time of day could affect Pokémon Evolution!

It’s wonderful to delve even deeper into the mysteries of Pokémon.

Let’s keep it up by researching Eevee’s Evolutions that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region.

The Grass-type Leafeon and Ice-type Glaceon seem to have evolved in order to adapt to their environment.

Why don’t you research these Pokémon next

%PLAYERNAME%, welcome back!

I see you’ve managed to get a Leafeon and a Glaceon! Congratulations!

The vastly different environments in the Sinnoh region appear to have caused the adaptable Eevee to evolve into a Grass-type Pokémon and an Ice-type Pokémon. It’s inspiring to see how resilient this little Pokémon can be!

We might not uncover all the secrets of Pokémon Evolution today, but I think we can learn a lot about ourselves through Pokémon.

Researching Eevee today has taught me that being able to become who we choose to be is a powerful skill and a gift.

I hope that Eevee can inspire you to find the one that suits you best.

But enough of this professor’s ramblings. Eevee is known to have just one more Evolution—the Fairy-type Sylveon, which was originally discovered in the Kalos region.

This Pokémon has ribbon-like feelers that it uses to calm others. Sylveon evolves from Eevee when it reaches a certain level of friendship and trust with its beloved Trainer. Knowing that almost brings a tear to my eye!

I hope you have the good fortune of crossing paths with a wonderful Pokémon like Sylveon sometime soon.

Until then, let’s GO!

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  1. I will participate in community day event but until Niantic gets their heads out of their asses I will no longer be spending real money on this game. For the first time ever I’m not purchasing the $1 research.

    1. I have stopped all buying any storage or items since Niantic chopped the pokestop/gym distance to less than half. When I had to sit in front of a restaurant’s kitchen door, blocking staff, to access a gym, I decided Niantic is never getting another penny from me.

  2. I will not be participating in any community event until the distance is expanded again. I am disabled and the game is dangerous for me and no longer fun

  3. People really be like “Waaaahhhhhh! tHeY tOoK aWaY ThE DoUbLe DiStAnCe aNd sO i WoNt PlAy nOw¡”

    Cry me a river! That was a *BONUS*, not an *ADDITION* or *CHANGE*! They legit told us that the bonuses would be removed BEFORE they implemented it in the first place!

    1. LV50 You know it’s people like you that make people like me sick. you don’t understand nor have you figured it out disabled people and others couldn’t play before as much as they played when the distance was spread out plus stops and gyms are on private properties, at public schools, other areas you can’t just walk into. you have people come out screaming get out get out. Again you people don’t look outside the Box the distance was a help and it wasn’t found out about until the pandamic and then more people started joining the game thanks to words of mouth about how easy it was to play now that the distance was widened. They got more players to join due to the distance but now players are leaving so I wonder if it was worth it to remove something as simple as distance?

    2. Yeah, except we’re STILL ENTRENCHED IN A PANDEMIC. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the alleged purpose of the increase in distance to help people socially distance. People shill may feel uncomfortable about leaving the house or coming into close range with others because they’re shill vulnerable, and this is still a ww problem.

      Exactly what is the benefit to reducing the distance?

      1. I’m sure that the plan to go back to the normal distances was timed before the Delta varient exploded and many places went back into lockdown. That part really isn’t their fault, remember, they said they do were keeping it through the event. However, they need to redo it pronto, we know it’s possible.

    3. good for them. some of us started after that change and don’t give a crap if you think if it as a “bonus”. the game fun when I started. now it is not.

  4. I have personally quit the game after playing daily for the last 3 years due to the lack of response and respect from Niantic. Best decision I have ever made now that I am no longer tethered to the game everywhere I go. No more money or location data ever again for Niantic from me.

  5. I am a senior citizen who used to enjoy playing Pokemon Go with my family. We have 3 physically challenged people who play with us. Now they cannot reach some pokestops & gyms due to the reduction of distance. After spending loads of money in the game and enjoying the game with the challenged people, I cannot leave them sitting aside because they can’t play. Why should I buy tickets, passes, special boxes etc if Niantic doesn’t care about the negative impact the distance reduction has caused. As well, the delta variant is still causing serious illness in many people and it is not safe to be near others, especially those who are not responsible enough to wear a mask even though they aren’t vaccinated. I wish Niantic would hear our cry.

    1. Same. The proof is the ignorant players on here saying we are just crying. But we will not be the ones dieing in hospital beds begging for air. This company is seriously putting people in danger and until they fix this i wish google would pull the game honestly.

  6. I will not be participating at all. It is not because of the recent changes though, I don’t like those either. I already have 30 some shiny eevees and shinies of all the eeveelutions from the last eevee community days. Why would I want more? They need to stop reusing the same pokemon and introduce something new.

  7. I will not be participating in Eevee community because Niantic isn’t listening to what we want. Increased pokestop interaction distance made the game safer, more efficient and more enjoyable. It’ll be the first community day I don’t participate in and miss me with the $1 research. I’ve never purchased those.

  8. Not likely. I made as solemn cow to spend no more real money on Pokemon Go until our concerns with removing 2x distance are addressed. ‍♀️

  9. My country hasn’t experienced the ‘Bonus Reversion’ (even though Niantic had already said they wanted to make that permanent). But several I know in the US have reported that the PokéStop distance has become even shorter than before the pandemic. Either that’s a bug or intentional by Niantic to punish players.

    There are rumors that they are pursuing subscription. So, if you want to further the distancr again (who knows if that means returning to normal or post-pandemic) then you have to pay for it. Hence why their response was going in circles without actually providing answers. I hope that’s not the case. But knowing Niantic, I wouldn’t rule that they could go that route anyway. Perhaps even locking the currently free weekly remote pass behind subscription.

  10. With everything that players have to pay for, why should we have to pay one dollar for a special research. I wouldn’t mind paying for something like that if things like upgrades for the bag and the number of pokemon you can hold would be free, but those are not free. Also when trying to catch pokemon it is so easy to go through lots of pokeballs which are just gone, even if it didn’t open. Let us be able to keep the pokeballs unless they have opened to catch pokemon and the creature popped back out. If the pokemon just hits it away the balls should be returned to our bags.. Stop making it to where users have to buy everything. It is for that reason I rarely play. I am not made of money, I can’t afford to pay for the number of coins needed for all upgrades and other items like incense. We should be able to earn coins for doing tasks instead of just earning balls and treats.

  11. My family is done spending money until the creators understand that they exist because of the dedicated players. I don’t want it to be easy, but its not fun if it’s dangerous or simply unplayable. We can no longer safely access stops that we could with the extended distance. Before the increased distance, we regularly trespassed, blocked business and sidewalks, and went into traffic to get stops. I’m not willing to go back to that now that I know it can be safer.

  12. I probably won’t participate in the event. But even if I do, I won’t buy the ticket. Most of the people I know have quit entirely now because of what Niantic has done, and nobody I know who still plays are willing to spend any money until or unless they start listening.

  13. I will participate, and I will completely stop coming fall semester. This game takes a-lot a time from me if I played during the school semester.

  14. First time I will not purchase an event ticket or do a community day. Until the distance is replaced back to what it has been, I will not put money out to play and will not play like I had been. I’ve played since the beginning but the distance being reverted back ( actually worse than originally was) is making it hard for me to play since I’m now handicapped. It’s no longer fun when it’s a struggle to be able to find stops you can spin when you can’t walk to the ones so far away. They really dropped the ball on this last update.

  15. No we will not be spending any more money in Pokémon GO until Niantic realizes we are still in a pandemic and it is not safe to go out as much as they are stating. We will be playing but not spending money

  16. Yes, ill pay the $1. Everytime. Pokemon brings me more joy thank starbucks or McDonald’s. I spend my money or things that make me happy. And niantic does a great job at changing and keeping up with the community needs and wants. Its no perfect but its the best out there.

    1. Are you joking or do you work for them is my question? Let me guess you attended the jan 6th insurrection as well?

  17. I will not buy a ticket and limit my participation as not very happy with Niantic act, and not excited for this community day.

  18. Played as normal for 4 years, the gym/stop temporary distance hasn’t made a difference to me or the vast majority of people I know who play, I’ll carry on playing when it goes back to normal. If I don’t like a game, I don’t play it and this game is called Go and not Sit On Your Sofa

    1. The point is with the delta variation being more aggressive and putting people at closer distance it make this a super dangerous game for children and immune compromised. Stop thinking about you you you. This is not the time to be shorting the distance way too dangerous.

  19. I think another big reason people aren’t buying the ticket is because Eevee candy is already so prevalent in the game. The main draw for tickets is the increased shiny and candy opportunities. Tickets will be sold better for pokemon that are more rare in the wild or require more candies to evolve (400).

  20. Three out of four accounts in my house have not logged in since the change. Not spending money is a good way to have your voice heard. Removing engagement altogether is better.

  21. They don’t get a penny from me. Besides, the Eevees they give you are never more than 400s and I never evolve less than a 700 or 800, preferably a 900.

  22. After reading all the comments, I’m in the fence. I’ve been playing, regardless of the distance change bc there are socially distant pokèstops near me. I don’t know if I’ll buy the research ticket though.

  23. I will be participating and buying the ticket.
    The distance removal has some glitches, yes
    It’s a little frustrating, yes
    BUT the point of this game was always to get people on their feet and active.
    COVID made people lazy
    People started playing that didn’t play before because it was more convenient.
    I still stand by the game! It’s a fun competitive healthy outlet.
    After 5 years of loyalty They haven’t lost me yet

  24. I’ll be playing and doing the research. Pogo players are seriously the whiniest, most entitled bunch of losers there is. Most of these folks that say they’re not spending any money generally don’t anyway. And I’m not buying their faux concern for disabled players. There are plenty of easily accessible gyms and stops. Most of these people just don’t want to get out of their cars and expect a high quality game for little or no money. Cry me a river. I’m going to drop $20 on incubators just to drown some of them out.

  25. Nope. They are putting people in danger by piling people on top of one another that can’t even wear masks with a very dangerous variant. I don’t think of myself but others. Anyone who comments or says otherwise is ignorant and deep down trash as a human being and needs a mental check and some serious soul searching. Boycotting spending money till they make the game safe again.

  26. Oh now you’re sick, don’t you know that you can’t give the people something and then take it away? I’m not buying a damn thing until they put it back.

  27. Won’t be spending any money on Niantic events. I may participate, I started playing during the pandemic, but honestly it’s become less and less fun and my play has reduced significantly.

  28. We are still in the pandemic so they should still be having the distance extended. A gym I usually hit is at the beginning of a subdivision and it’s not really safe to stop at the entrance to hit that gym. I use to be able to park across from the Firehouse since they are a pokestop and I could hit them both as the subdivision is right next to the Firehouse. Several places I would go to had multiple stops and I could safely park in 1 spot and hit them all, but no longer can. — I will do the Community Day, maybe both days, but I won’t buy the ticket to extra bonus items. I can go to Kimmswick and drive around slowly and hit the many Pokestops that they have in town.

  29. I’ll be participating in the community day for Eevee and I will be getting the special, and I mean come on, it’s just a dollar. I had got the porygon one and have been stuck with it ever since, only seeing 2 since the event ended, but getting the Eevee one should be easier to complete since they are always around my area. As for people griping about the pokestop distance reverting back to the original perimeters, come on now, they were changed due to the pandemic, it was a temporary thing. Not everything can stay. I played for 2 years with this distance, sure the extended range was great, but not necessary.

  30. I most likely will be buying an event ticket. Before the pandemic I never purchased a ticket. However with the recent lockdown I had a slight change of mind I needed to add some challenges, this allowed me not to focus all my attention on COVID-19 and there raising numbers. Pokemon brings me more joy than sipping on my favorite Starbucks drink. I work 40 or more hours a week so why not buy things that make me happy. I think niantic does a great job at changing and keeping up with the community needs and wants. I remember before the Pandemic I was never hardly able to beat the Team Go Rockets Gunts on the first try. So I appreciate the fact that they not use there shields . Niantic is not perfect but keep in mind it’s a business first and far most.

  31. In the past year I’ve purchased almost every one of the special research tickets but I won’t be anymore. The increased distance and other bonuses made me play a lot more so the decrease has had an opposite effect. Nearly 80% of the xp I have earned was earned after the pandemic bonuses started. It made the game way more enjoyable to me. And I’ve had the game since July 2016.

  32. Not buying anything else until they fix the distance issue. I am disabled and can’t get to several of the stops.

  33. I NEVER buy the $1 research ticket. It’s a colossal waste, and the definition of a money grab. All it does is give you more of what you’re already getting for free in the wild… and maybe a couple items that you already have dozens of anyway. Like berries and pokeballs… that I can also get for free from pokestops.

  34. I plan on playing during the Eevee event, but Im no longer spending actual money on the game until Niantic actually shows they care about its players.

    I am also not spinning a single sponsored stop. (Pokemongo makes extra money off of these)

  35. I will participate but I will not buy the ticket, there is a lot of people that play this game and are poor and you guys are getting a lot of money from people that plays the game so I myself won’t buy the ticket

  36. Its straight up disgusting of them to ignore the voices of all their disabled players that can no longer access gyms or pokestops in places that arent accessible. I started the game when it came out and the distance is even shorter than that now. You used to be able to stand right outside it. Now you have to be practically touching it. Many are in places of buildings that are inaccessible to the public. One was in the middle of a fucking river, and while on the bank, i still wasnt close enough. So what, you want us to tresspass or enter dangerous areas now? Stripping the ability to play for disabled people and in the middle of a pandemic which isnt over. Pretty sure theyre making them inaccessible on purpose so were forced to pay for pokeballs instead.

  37. Started playing at launch. It was recommended to me because I have limited mobility and wanted something to give me incentive to leave the house. Unfortunately, most pokestops were still out of reach for me and I quit. Then Covid hit. Niantic extended the access and I started playing again and spending money on it. They decreased it to worse than it originally was. I’m not even sure I’m going to play, let alone buy the ticket.

  38. Those of us that have decided to boycott “real money” purchases due to the decrease in distance have every right to do so. Saying we are whiny and lazy is rude and untrue. Remember, there were several parts to the pandemic bonuses and we are only asking for the reinstatement of one. All of the walking releated bonuses can stay gone (no walking requirement for battles, extra gifts, etc), the gym/stop distance is something that made the game more enjoyable for pretty much everyone. It’s the difference of walking back and forth across the street vs being able to walk down the same side and hit the same stops. If you are going to drive instead of walking, you are going to do it no matter how many gyms/stops you can hit.

  39. I may log in to look for some shiny eevees, but I am not spending a dime or using any incense, which is unusual for me since I have always spent the extra $1 for the research and would make a special trip to the park for a few hours to play. In fact, ever since the distance change, I have slowed down my rate of play, logging in maybe once instead of having it on all day.

  40. I may log in to look for some shiny eevees, but I am not spending a dime or using any incense, which is unusual for me since I have always spent the extra $1 for the research and would make a special trip to the park for a few hours to play. In fact, ever since the distance change, I have slowed down my rate of play, logging in maybe once instead of having it on all day.

  41. M6 wife and I have given Niantic thousands of dollars in the past 6 years of playing pogo. We refuse to give then one more penny, until they listen to the request of their players! They’re full of self righteous BS saying their main goal is to promote health, they are a for profit company that capitalizes on micro cash transactions! They can offer the product their customers want or lose sales! Not another dime from us!

  42. Hahahaha! all these people complaining about distance that was never meant to be permanent. I have no issues with distance, it’s the same as it was before for me. I’ll be paying the $1 measly cost for the eevee day 🙂 $1 is nothing. Still a good game with a lot of new features that weren’t out when it was launched so I appreciate the work went into this game. These people are acting like spoiled brats.

  43. I will participate in community day event but until Niantic listens to it’s community, I will no longer be spending real money on this game. For the first time ever I’m not purchasing the $1 research

  44. I was going to buy our normal 4 tickets for the event today (Friday). My son and I love the game and are both disabled, so the increase helped. And to remove it before the world had recovered wss a bsd idea. You all have enlightened me to remember the poeer of the ban. No more community day tickets until they bring the blessing of the increased distance back!

  45. Almost to level 44 and I’ll quit if this doesn’t get turned around.
    After their 1st 4 billion they want more by making it harder for the average player to play so they have to pay to play.

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