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Pokemon Go What You Choose to Be Special Research Quest Tasks and Rewards

Trainers, What You Choose to Be is a new Special Research quest introduced in Pokemon Go as part of the August 2021 Community Day event. The What You Choose to Be Special Research quest is available only for ticket holders and only these players will be able to complete all steps, tasks and earn rewards.

The Pokemon Go August 2021 Community Day event featuring Eevee has started and a new Special Research is now live. The What You Choose to Be Special Research is a five-stage Research, featuring various tasks, rewards, Pokemon encounters, and other cool bonuses.

Ticket holders can access the What You Choose to Be Special Research on August 14 and August 15, 2021, from 11 AM to 5 PM local time each day.

That being said, let’s take a look at the list of tasks and rewards below.

What You Choose to Be Research Steps, Tasks, and Rewards

What You Choose to Be Step 1

  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: x15 Pinap Berry
  • Catch 15 Eevee: Eevee
  • Make 7 Nice Throws: x50 Eevee Candy
  • Rewards: x2,000 Stardust, x25 PokeBall, and x1 Incense

What You Choose to Be Step 2

  • Catch 15 Eevee: Vaporeon
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: Jolteon
  • Evolve 3 Eevee: Flareon
  • Rewards: 1500 XP, x50 Eevee Candy, and x1 Incense

What You Choose to Be Step 3

  • Make 3 Great Curveball Throws: Espeon
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: Eevee
  • Evolve 2 Eevee: Umbreon
  • Rewards: 2,500 XP, x15 Great Ball, and x1 Rocket Radar

What You Choose to Be Step 4

  • Catch 15 Eevee: Leafon
  • Use 15 Berries to help catch Pokemon: Eevee
  • Evolve 2 Eevee: Glaceon
  • Rewards: 3,500 XP, x1 Egg Incubator, and x15 Ultra Ball

What You Choose to Be Step 5

  • Claim Reward: x100 Eevee Candy
  • Claim Reward: Eevee
  • Claim Reward: x2 Silver Pinap Berry
  • Rewards: x3,000 Stardust, Sylveon, and x2 Rare Candy

What You Choose to Be Quest Storyline

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a huge influx of Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon!

Some theorize that the key to the mysteries of Pokémon Evolution lies within Eevee’s genetics.

I can understand that hypothesis—after all, Eevee can evolve into EIGHT Pokémon!

I sure wish I were as adaptable as Eevee!

I don’t even have eight different outfits. I basically wear this lab coat all the time—even to formal events!

Anyway, perhaps by researching Eevee, we’ll unravel even more mysteries of Pokémon Evolution!

I can’t wait to get started! Let’s GO learn about Eevee!

Great work with your research on Eevee, %PLAYERNAME%!

According to my findings, Eevee’s irregular DNA gives it the ability to evolve into many different Pokémon.

For example, it has three Evolutions originally discovered in the Kanto region: the Water-type Vaporeon, the Electric-type Jolteon, and the Fire-type Flareon.

Isn’t it fascinating that Eevee can evolve into Pokémon of such different types?

As you work on your Eevee research, perhaps you might learn more about these Pokémon. Good luck!

Great work, %PLAYERNAME%! I see you have gotten a Vaporeon, a Jolteon, and a Flareon!

These incredible creatures are capable of some impressive feats.

Did you know that Vaporeon can melt away into water?

Or that Jolteon can blast out 10000-volt lightning bolts?

And that Flareon breathes fire that is over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit?

Isn’t it amazing that all three of these Pokémon evolve from Eevee?

Perhaps there’s something besides genetics that gives Eevee so much potential.

Let’s do some more research to learn more about Eevee. At certain times of the day, this Pokémon can evolve into Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region: the Psychic-type Espeon and the Dark-type Umbreon.

If you keep up your research, you might find them as well!

Great work, %PLAYERNAME%! Looks like you’ve gotten yourself an Espeon and an Umbreon!

The Psychic-type Espeon can use the fine hair on its body to sense air currents and predict its enemies’ next move. It usually evolves from Eevee during the daytime.

As for the Dark-type Umbreon, it evolves from Eevee during the nighttime. It’s said that Umbreon’s rings glow yellow under the full moon.

Who would’ve thought that something like the time of day could affect Pokémon Evolution!

It’s wonderful to delve even deeper into the mysteries of Pokémon.

Let’s keep it up by researching Eevee’s Evolutions that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region.

The Grass-type Leafeon and Ice-type Glaceon seem to have evolved in order to adapt to their environment.

Why don’t you research these Pokémon next

%PLAYERNAME%, welcome back!

I see you’ve managed to get a Leafeon and a Glaceon! Congratulations!

The vastly different environments in the Sinnoh region appear to have caused the adaptable Eevee to evolve into a Grass-type Pokémon and an Ice-type Pokémon. It’s inspiring to see how resilient this little Pokémon can be!

We might not uncover all the secrets of Pokémon Evolution today, but I think we can learn a lot about ourselves through Pokémon.

Researching Eevee today has taught me that being able to become who we choose to be is a powerful skill and a gift.

I hope that Eevee can inspire you to find the one that suits you best.

But enough of this professor’s ramblings. Eevee is known to have just one more Evolution—the Fairy-type Sylveon, which was originally discovered in the Kalos region.

This Pokémon has ribbon-like feelers that it uses to calm others. Sylveon evolves from Eevee when it reaches a certain level of friendship and trust with its beloved Trainer. Knowing that almost brings a tear to my eye!

I hope you have the good fortune of crossing paths with a wonderful Pokémon like Sylveon sometime soon.

Until then, let’s GO!

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