Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard Details

Ubisoft has revealed the next operation for Rainbow Six Siege. According to the details revealed today, Operation Crystal Guard is expected to introduce many surprises for the players. The new operation will include a brand new Croatian operator Osa and her amusing tactical shield Talon-8 gadget.

The new Crystal Guard operation will also affirm a restructure of three core Rainbow Six Siege maps for better balancing. Those maps are Clubhouse, Coastline, and Bank. The developer will also make some balancing tweaks on operators such as IQ, Fuze, and Twitch, including some rework to flashbangs. According to the developer:

Rainbow Six Siege is introducing some new hardware with the reveal of Crystal Guard and giving the Attackers a chance to do some constructive redecorating. A new Operator named Osa has designed transparent bulletproof shields that she can deploy in windows, doors, or the middle of the floor. Along with Osa, Crystal Guard is bringing map updates to Clubhouse, Coastline, and Bank, Operator balancing tweaks to IQ, Fuze, and Twitch, as well as a few more improvements that we cover in this video.

The Croatian Operator was introduced with a completely separate and unique gameplay video material, revealing Osa in action. Below you can find the video on the new and upcoming Operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Osa, and her gadget. It seems like Osa’s activities would resemble Mira’s actions but on the attacking side.

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