Back 4 Blood Launch Trailer Reveals Exploding Monsters

Two weeks until the release of Back 4 Blood, WB Games decided to reveal new surprises. The game that’s been highly anticipated and considered as the successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise has advanced quite far. What’s been revealed in the new trailer is viewed as a bountiful invention. Holding up the horde of “deaddies” will no longer be easy, as the new trailer revealed some advanced zombies.

Back 4 Blood is an all-out cooperative game of explosive coop action against increasingly overwhelming waves of zombies. With Left 4 Dead-style gameplay, Back 4 Blood gives you the chance to fight off these enemies and upgrade your weapons in multiple levels with various modes such as survival or team-based missions where players are tasked with different assignments.

The new Back 4 Blood launch trailer can be found in the featured embedded place at the top of this article. Back 4 Blood releases on October 12 for Xbox (also as a part of the Xbox Game Pass program), PS, and PC. On October 7, there will be Early Access entry possible only for those who own the Ultimate or Deluxe Editions of the game. More details are below:

With humanity on the line, our last stand has begun. The time to fight is now!

Jump into Early Access with purchase of the Ultimate or Deluxe Editions!

  • October 7, 4:00AM PT – Xbox, Windows, and Playstation
  • October 7, 8:00AM PT – Steam & EGS
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