Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene gives critical update on Prologue

Prologue was first revealed during The Game Awards in 2019 as a project started by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, without concrete suggestion on the genre. On Friday, PlayerUnknown, the creator of the Battle Royale mod in Arma, and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds also known as PUBG, came out with a statement reiterating his vision on open-world games, Prologue, and new machine learning technology that would help them get to where they want.

Prologue is planned to be released as a “Tech Demo” rather than a complete game so that players can experience the new technology imbued within. As a tech demo, the game won’t be locked behind a paywall, allowing the fans to pay how much they want, which naturally interprets open funding for those who find it interesting.

First off, let’s take a look at his own company, PlayerUnknown Productions. Playerunknown Productions is a studio set up to explore, experiment, and create new technologies, pipelines, and gameplay. Together with a team of game developers and researchers, we explore new possibilities of interaction and connection within the game space.

From what we know and heard so far, Prologue is supposed to be a vast sandbox open-world game, powered by a new machine learning technology that will help the developers create build vast terrains. As Playerunknown stated “realistic open worlds take a great deal of time and effort to produce, so this was the first issue that we chose to tackle. The key to making things bigger than humans can create on their own has always been to get machines to pitch in and help, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here”.

“Our machine is a neural network, and our network, gives us a way to learn and then generate massive realistic open worlds.” – he further revealed. According to the information given in today’s update, the company is still working on the machine that would help them generate vast worlds. Below you can find the update on Prologue, as posted on PlayerUnknown’s official Twitter.

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